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  1. 27,600 crores in 2 years? Modi nammukuni dates iste inka anthe sangathulu
  2. Alaage vundi govt vyavaharam.. private universities ki kudaa picha picha gaa cheap lo lands ichestunnaru
  3. Ante .. not a major threat to AP? TN ki impact vuntundaa?
  4. CBN adhikaram lo vunna 2 years lo ne anni kaavali , anni complete ayipovaali janaalaki.. congi ki ichinattu 10 years ichi chudandi, AP yekkado vuntundi
  5. Anni layouts ready ayyaka supply perigipoddi..aa level lo demand kastame unless jobs create ayithe tappite.. so prices will come down and will be affordable few years down the line
  6. Inka srisailam lo pulichinthala lo TG vaallu itla power generate chesukuntu pothe Krishna lo inka neellu vunnatle.. manaki pulichinthala power lo share ledu gaa?
  7. Who is going repay the bank loan? Centre or state?
  8. Inflow taggi poyindi.. 60k cusecs ki from 120k cusecs nunchi.. still 880 ft touch kaaledu, inkaa 30 tmc kavali project nindaali ante
  9. 880ft touch ayyindi.. 5 more ft for full capacity
  10. Lokesh sangati yenduku le.. he is still not part of govt..It is govt responsibility to campaign their schemes and achievements.. Ysr hayam lo jalayagnam meeda (major), fee reimbursement meeda, pensions meeda, 108, aarogyam sri ilaanti vaati meeda almost rojuko full page adv vundedi anni papers lo
  11. Tdp is not campaigning any of their achievements this time.. leaders sangati ayithe marchipondi.. Where as rayalaseema Jaffa redds& supporters are using media to spew venom on cbn , coasta, pattiseema and anything else the current govt does... Complete failure of tdp in Campaigning this time.. even TG govt still giving advertisements on all TG schemes even now..even yesterday I saw advertisements on haritha haram
  12. An altogether a different working environment for govt employees, which noone has witnessed or experienced earlier.. CBN garu AP needs you
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