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    Yaswanth526 reacted to NTR_Sachin in DISGUSTED. HURT. BROKEN   
    Been a modi admirer for years but the way covid has been handled especially in the last 6 months has made me feel ashamed,disgusted beyond measure. 
    People are suffering so much,we doctors are suffering so much. Been getting close to 10 calls and numerous messages daily from extended family and friends in these last few months for beds/medicines/other resources and now even for vaccination slots. Breaks my heart daily seeing so many people in pain and it's endless suffering with no end in sight cause it's beyond us to help everyone,it needs something bigger,much bigger,but there's no one.
    It's completely overwhelmed us,completely done us in and there's no one to look for,absolutely no one. so many colleagues from college days and seniors too have passed away and have left young families with nothing and there's no one for them. For 8 months before the turn of the year we had to re-use disposable masks too cause of acute shortage,now we have to beg everyone around us for vaccination for everyone we know and care,when did bloody something so basic as vaccination with so much buffer time to prepare become a privilege and not a basic necessity? Em desham sami idi,when we are xxxxxxx scared to even meet our parents or friends in months so as not infect them, how dare these politicians do rallies and how dare people in general leave all covid measures to god till it hit everyone hard in the last two months? Is the govt responsible - YES but are the public exempted - NEVER, we as people are as responsible for this catastrophe. Never forget that. 
    Hospital la roju body bags chustunte tears aagatle intikochaka,kanisam family ki kuda body ni muttukoni edavalani paristiti,direct ga smashanam ki teskelladam and akkada evaro body ni kaalchadam and manam dooram nunchi chudatam. This happened to my mom's friend,both her kids are in USA,both parents visited them for the daughter's pregnancy. One month after her grand  daughter was born, her husband alagadam start chesadu that he wants to come back india ki ani,entha try chesina vinakpothe koduku ticket book chesadu father ki and mother stayed back .ikkadiki ochina two weeks ki covid ochi he was admitted into the ICU,she came india ki urgent ga,ochina two days ki he passed away. Body ni daggarlo kuda she couldn't see and thanu dooram ga graveyard lo chustu undagane akkada unnavalle chithi pettaru,relatives Corona bhayam ani evadu ravatle,kids America la stuck,she told them not to come ikkadaki oste stuck avtaru ani vallu entha adigina. Next day graveyard nunchi she got a call ashes and bones collect cheskodaniki randi,lekapothe we'll dispose ani annaru,she was stunned and didn't know what to do,she was completely in shock,finally IAS evarthono cheppiste they gave locker facility akkada to keep for one month. She now is alone and when anyone calls her also she's not in any state to function with so much trauma.
    Idi janala paristiti ippudu,janalaki maryada ga ending kuda ivvaleni paristiti with peak corruption and non-regulation there too. It's one horror story after another.
    P.S- All people defending the indefensible please don't,it's been a disaster of epic proportions. Someone needs to pay for all this pain and all these lives. Manushula pranalakanna bochulo party affiliations or leader cults goppa kaadu. Only when we hold our own accountable,do we have a right to question our opposition. And our side screwed up,big time. Shame on us,all of us as citizens.
    I didn't post here for so many days kani after randomly visiting after many months and seeing some posts and how everyone is fighting for their side and going on ego trips, i wanted to write this,to tell you how it is on the ground . sorry if this offended anyone.
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    Yaswanth526 reacted to God Of Masses in ***NFDB Charity for Covid - Details Updated   
    DB tharupunaa money pool chedhaamu to help poor/families who are effected with Covid.
    Ground level loo evarannaa contact untee chudandi
    I have donated to this guy https://twitter.com/Manu_SMK, seems to be doing genuine help
    **** NO AMOUNT IS SMALL ****
    Few ideas :
    1. covid vallaa work vellaleeni vallaki Ration/provision kits
    2. Medical kits laanti with necessary medication/supplies
    3. evarannaa covid patients ki food delivery chesee vallaki donate cheyyatam
    open to other ideas.  meeku evarikaina already help chesthunnaa contacts thelisthee share cheyyandi, DB tharupuna pool chesina money tho donations ivvacchu.  sorry if this has been discussed previously.
    Donation/Distribution of Funds are discussed in this Thread
    Donation Details:
    Once you donate to one of the following accounts, please update here to this thread or send me a direct message.  I will confirm and update the Donors List below.
    US Account Details:
    71vivek@gmail.com - Zelle Details
    Account Name: Vivek Nagubadi
    Paypal Account Details:
    India - PhonePe/Gpay/PayTM :
    9886483839 - Prakhyat
    India Bank Transfer Account Details:
    Account Number: 23921510000150
    IFSC Code: HDFC0002392
    Name: Vivek Nagubadi
    Donors List:
    @God Of Masses - 1,700$
    @Raaz-NTR - 150$
    @kurnool NTR - 100$
    @HelloNTR - 100$
    @prakhyat - 5,000 INR
    @eNterTaineR - 125$
    @baagunnara - 100$
    @Tarak-The Star - 150$
    @Angel - 250$
    @latha8 - 500$
    @jaytheking - 500 INR
    @buntypa1 (twitter) - 100 INR
    @Vinod NKR - 500 INR
    @kodiNANDAMURI - 500$
    @gopi089 - 200$
    @Telugunadu  - 150$
    @The Wolverine - 50$
    @gutta_NTR - 150$
    Leelaveerabhadra Hanuma Dommeti - 100$
    Sandeep Nalluri - 250$
    Chanakya Para - 200$
    @Pavan Kumar - 200$
    @Kranthi - 150$
    @E sravan kumar - 50$
    @NBKSimha - 200$
    Hemanth Movva - 116$
    @subash.c - 100$
    @AndhraBullodu - 200$
    Kaza Praneeth - 100$
    Anonymous - 225$
    @PRUDHVI - 100$
    Giri Narra - 150$
    @Yaswanth526 - 100$
    Teja Garapati (javag) -  50$
    @Ramarajyam - 116$
    Murali Nalluri - 250$
    @balayyatheking - 100$
    @abhi - 100$
    Abhinav Mannava - 200$
    Sagar Nalluri - 50$
    Ramarao Achanta - 100$
    @Kiran - 100$
    Pokiri1 (BTDB) - 50$
    @boppu - 100 AUD/78.48 USD
    @Sinna - 1000$
    @Rtn - 100$
    @jjake - 100$
    Atchutaramaraju Jampana - 50$
    Andhravodu (BTDB) - 100$
    kodibochu (BTDB) - 116$
    Medical_Miracle (BTDB) - 50$
    Nalla_Balu (BTDB) - 100$
    All Donors Details & Donations Distribution Details - Will Be Updated here :
    DVR Fan - Gomesh
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    Yaswanth526 got a reaction from ravindras in What kind of people are you harboring in this great Anna NTR site?   
    Idi kachitanga admin maro account a 
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    Idi kachitanga admin maro account a 
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    Yaswanth526 reacted to Npower in What kind of people are you harboring in this great Anna NTR site?   
    Brother Govindu gaaru,
    Pedda vaallo...yemo... theliyadu... meeku cheppe anthati vaadino kaado theliyadu.  But let me tell you one thing.
    For you ... you think that ... you are fighting against one person on whom you think .. he is the reason for Annagaru's debacle or his death.
    For us... That person is still fighting with those Anti Social Elements, Feudalists, Factionists, Murderers, Riggers, Looters.... who just enjoy power by creating all sort of anti social activities... and still claim themselves as the saviours or messiah's of Andhra.
    That person, and this party which was founded by Annagaru to fight all the above anti social elements.... is still doing its best to continue for which the party was founded by its founder.  He taught the party, the cadre and its leaders to fight on OPPRESSORS.  So, the fight is still on ... on those OPPRESSORS and their AGGRESSION.
    Coming back to LP, CBN & NTR episode... its a black mole on TDP history.... TDP cadres still find tough time to defend that... but whatever happened.... all the 3 have their roles and it can't be denied.  So, no one is clean in that episode... including Annagaru.... vaatsalyamtho adhikaaraalu kolpoyina raajulu vunnaaru.... mana Annagaaru koodaa vunnaaru.... chivariki putra vaatsalyam tho CBN ki koodaa ade jarigindi.  Putra vaatsalyamo.... sathee vaatsalyamo... leka inka ye vaatsalyamo.... party kante goppadi kaadu... kaakoodadu.  Annagaaru life long... thana family ni politics ki Govt. offices ki dooramgaa petti oka example set chesaaru.... atuvanti MAHA YOGI... MAHAANUBHAAVUDU anadaggaa vaadini koodaa longa deesukuni aayana jeevithaanni.... party ni sarvanaasanam chesindi party ni Annagaarini ventaadina oka duradrushtam.  Ofcourse CBN saved party by that time... kaanee ippudu ade thappu chestunnaadu.... its our wish to keep his putra vaatsalyam in check... before history repeats itself.
    Coming to your statements or threads in this DB.... please come clean on YSR, Jagan & his type of politics.  Your Vadinamma endorsed those LOOTERS, KILLERS & RIGGERS for what they are doing... and getting their names in the same bracket of the NEVER BEFORE AND NEVER AGAIN - THE GREAT NTR.  How you can tolerate such heinous acts from your own vadinamma.
    On our side... we are clear... we need TDP.. which was founded by NTR and its in our blood to support that until our death.... that is because the party is the only hope in the society's fight with the DARK FORCES.  Today Chandrababu... tomorrow some other... but definitely the party must stand on its values... its fight with the Dark Forces.... then only our support will be there. Period.  
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    Yaswanth526 reacted to bharath_k in some CBN stars/planets analysis i did   
    Analysis :  
    a)   A Big villain for CBN is Mr Ketu.  when ever ketu period is there( Below pointed red lines ) , He is loosing power over night and it it inflicting so much pain on him.  ( atleast one year of time ) 
    b) Mr Moon period is utterly  good for him ( because of gaja keasri yoga in chart) , Mr satrun, Mr Jupier are also good for him. 
    c) Mr Moon pulled him from nothing to top most positions over night,  weather it is  MLA/Minister from nothing(1978),  chief minister(1995) , even it protected him from helicopter shots (In 2009  even he gained also, not in power for his betterment only)
    d)  From the below analysis of his entire life time,  If he protects his health  ... He has best chance to become  top seat from any time from mid/end of 2022. 
    If elections happens in 2024  ... he will 200% will become the C.M.   From end of 2022, day by day his chances of becoming C.M will improve.  

    Took some time to analyze his ...  this analysis is matching with every of his life events.  
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    #AndhraPradesh and #Telangana rocketing their way to the top of #solar capacity addition charts in #India

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    #Rajahmundry Airport February month DGCA numbers are out #Rajamahendravaram
    Total Passengers: 24,276
    Total Freight: 0.6 Tonnes

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    Yaswanth526 got a reaction from sonykongara in visakapatanam Fintech   
    Five top centres of innovation in financial tech
    Leading fintech cities, including London and Berlin, should not be complacent because there are emerging centres of excellence snapping at their heels iZettle, fintech firm based in Stockholm 01 Stockholm
    The Swedish capital already attracts one fifth of fintech investment in Europe and has a record of creating high-value technology businesses from scratch including Skype. The Swedish government has invested heavily in infrastructure such as high-speed internet connectivity since the 1990s, and the city has a well-educated, internationally minded and Anglophone workforce. Successful fintech firms based there include Klarna and iZettle, and the city is poised to benefit further from a likely exodus of fintech players from London after the UK leaves the European Union. Michal Gromek and Timotheos Mavropoulos, of the Stockholm School of Economics, say: “Heading towards a cashless society with a focus on digitalisation, high internet accessibility and with an existing strong base of fintech companies, Stockholm can easily benefit from the uncertainty connected to Brexit to advance its image as a unicorn breeding ground.”  The Stockholm Fintech Hub, launched as an independent, not-for-profit organisation in 2016, last year spread its wings, dropping Stockholm from its name and seeking to embrace similar hubs both in Sweden and nearby countries. “We’ve expanded our operations to Gothenburg, Malmö, Oslo and Helsinki, and we’re looking forward to expanding to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the first half of 2018,” says founder Matthew Argent.
    02 Taipei
    Taipei World FInancial Center In December, Taipei cemented its position as an emerging Asian fintech hub when the Taiwan parliament approved a sandbox approach to fintech research and development projects.  The move was welcomed by Alice Huang, managing director of corporate banking at BlockEx, a London-headquartered digital asset exchange. She already sees Taipei as an attractive base for companies such as hers, thanks to its large and affordable pool of talented engineers, but believes the sandbox initiative reinforces Taipei’s attractiveness. In addition to being Taiwan’s capital, Taipei hosts some 2,000 traditional financial institutions as well as fintech players such as Fugle, Maicoin and Airsig. Recent crackdowns on cryptocurrencies and ICOs by the authorities in China and South Korea have strengthened Taipei’s position as a regional cryptocurrency trading hub, with politician Jason Hsu suggesting Taiwan’s very “statelessness” – the country is currently only recognised as an independent nation by 19 other countries – should help entrench its position. Mr Hsu, a plugged-in 38 year old who was the champion of the sandbox initiative, believes that further government-led initiatives are required, including tax breaks for venture capital and angel investment, plus greater support for fintech startups from local tech giants such as Acer, Asus and HTC.
    03 Edinburgh
    Offices of technology incubator Codebase in Edinburgh Having lost some of its momentum as a financial centre after its two biggest banks HBOS and RBS crashed and burned in 2008, Edinburgh has picked itself up and dusted itself down to become the UK’s largest fintech hub outside London. The Scottish capital is fuelled by an asset-management and insurance base that was less tarnished by the crash than the banks. Leading fintech players based here include FreeAgent, Nucleus, Lending Crowd and Payfont, and their growth has been underpinned by the fact that Edinburgh is the “most educated” city in the UK, with 55 per cent of the workforce having a university degree or equivalent, according to the Office for National Statistics. The University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics, a world leader in machine-learning and big data, has been central to some of more interesting developments in the city. Fintech startups in Edinburgh also benefit from funding and support from the likes of Scottish Equity Partners, Scottish Development International and Scottish Enterprise, and from access to incubators such as CodeBase, Seedhaus and Entrepreneurial Spark. Last year the Scottish government, University of Edinburgh, Scottish Financial Enterprise and private sector players jointly launched the dedicated trade body Fintech Scotland, which appointed its first full-time chief executive in January.
    04 Shenzhen
    Shenzhen headquarters of finance and social media giant Tencent Described as the Silicon Valley of China, Shenzhen is a sprawling city with a population of 11.9 million located in Guangdong province just north of Hong Kong. A small fishing village until 30 years ago, Shenzhen today ranks first in China in terms of the volume of patent filings and is home to the Chinese technology, finance and social media giant Tencent, whose $550-billion-plus stock market valuation eclipses even that of Facebook. Already host to sizeable fintechs, including Linghui, Fenqile, Viewtran, Wei Zhong Shui Yin and WeBank, China’s first digital-only bank, launched by Tencent in 2015, the regional government is determined to ensure Shenzhen remains at the cutting edge of fintech development. Brett Diment, head of global emerging market debt at Aberdeen Standard Investments, says cities such as Shenzhen are awash with venture-capital funding and benefit from a benign regulatory regime. However, Shenzhen is facing competition from other Chinese cities including Hangzhou, home to the giant Alibaba Group, which now has more unicorns or startups valued at $1 billion or more. Last year, Shenzhen entered a pioneering three-way deal with competing fintech centres Singapore and Hong Kong aimed at bolstering collaborative fintech developments and harmonising standards between the three cities.
    05 Visakhapatnam
    Mumbai-based ICICI Bank has committed to setting up an accelerator in Fintech Valley-Vizag Located in the port city of Visakhapatnam, also known as Vizag, overlooking the Bay of Bengal, Fintech Valley-Vizag is a fintech cluster born of a co-ordinated strategy led by a hard-driving regional government, aided by regulators including the Reserve Bank of India and private sector players. Launched by the government of Andhra Pradesh in October 2016, the initiative has seen Visakhapatnam, which already plays host to IT firms such as outsourcing group Wipro, start to morph into a centre of excellence for blockchain, cybersecurity, data analytics and artificial intelligence, and it recently selected eight fintech startups to take part in an accelerator programme. According to Gartner’s India research head Partha Iyengar: “For the first time, a government has stepped in to encourage blockchain and other financial technologies.” Mumbai-based lenders ICICI and Mahindra Finance have committed to setting up accelerators in Fintech Valley-Vizag, while US funds group Franklin Templeton Investment is building a 40-acre technology campus there. Officials, including J.A. Chowdary, lead adviser to the Andhra Pradesh government, who was behind the earlier transformation of Hyderabad, claim Fintech Valley-Vizag is already a global brand. “Companies go to Silicon Valley and Bangalore because they have the ecosystem. We’re creating the same here,” says Mr Chowdary.
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