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  1. veedu bebastamaina gajji batch, Jabardast ke ekkuva wack thu
  2. his support is very crucial for Baffas in passing Delhi ordinance in Rajyasabha, 10K crores is also because of this. It is purely businees for Modi Baffas and Jaffas
  3. bro oka Andhra ki, TDP ki droham chesarani and over all BJP is following ruthless politics, if we keep these three aside, they are doing great. One small incident One of my friends, before joining IES, was a hard core modi hater and his whole family is in politics from BJP. When I met him recently he is completely supporting Modi with clear examples. He is posted in telecom, works under Aswini vaisnav, central IT minister . In simple words he said the policies and the implementations are very good
  4. INC is trying very hard to loose , but this time seems not possible
  5. idemi auto edit bayya B odi ante Modi ani rasukontundi
  6. every time when we feel they climbed on step up, this shit happens, go down by 100, Ab ki Baar Modi sarkar ni har baar Modi sarkar chesi kaani ee musali manda chachetlu leru
  7. deeniki rayatam chetha kaala, adhi KaasiReddy, KasiReddy kaadhu
  8. Bro, today I met a guy who has some weightage in telecom circles and startup circles, he told me that only 83 statrups were actually benefited through out INDIA by govt incentives
  9. Bro can you please enlighten us on this On March 18, 2020, Gautam Adani's net worth was $4.91 billion and as on today Adani's net worth is $112.5 billion
  10. adhi full cement road (mumbai -pune expressway is also concerete) https://www.livemint.com/Politics/1qMxRtxFKydk2PvzpYMjLN/National-highways-to-be-made-of-concrete-cement.html https://www.deccanchronicle.com/business/economy/290717/nitingadkari-for-cement-roads-across-india-says-they-are-long-lasting.html
  11. Adhi veru Bangalore chennai expressway hoskota nundi separate ga veltundi last Dec lo start kavalsina works gujju PM daddamma siddu panikimalina palani valla nobody is talking about it
  12. on a lighter not: up to 6 lanes Eenadu can takeup but for 10 lanes only ABN can takeup
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