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  1. When it comes to AP we should fight against Modi as he is working against US When it comes to india external affairs we should support any government in the central BJP support is there in CBN arrest so we shouldn’t align with Modi in AP but I doubt CBN will go against him . CBN ki Modi kavali but we are against him 😂 not synch somewhere we are on the cross roads . Not congress/not BJP @ Center
  2. Jai Shree ram and thigh slapping chesthunnaru illegal crossing chesthoo . Looks indians 😀 20 laks per year illegal crossing ante 🙏
  3. Hit Kalalu pushakalam ga vunnayi . Commercial hit
  4. Great achievement. RRR impact is huge worldwide nd bigger than any Indian movie till now .
  5. AA team ni choosi konni nerchukovali andari heros . They put very good efforts
  6. Hero ki oka mannerism oka catchy dialogue “ taggedhe” type lo pedithe good . Simple dialogue , Few catchy steps and mannerisms is must for youtubers rechipotharu full marketing .
  7. Matter lekunda intha hadavudi cheyyaru but ee blood bottles choopinchi hype will create over hype
  8. Mana heros vachetappatiki all directors blood bath chestharu after that ….vere hero’s movie ki shower bath This will change with koratala 👍
  9. Sai Pallavi tho manchi dance number pedithe theater daddarilli poddi
  10. Goddu karam ani pettalsindi mass ga Guntur karam bob tho class ayipoindi Same routine style & old template comedy , prasa and mannerisms tho lagisthadu anukonta minimum aduddi seems he is following basics
  11. Mr Perfect on Twitter: "Soon Bollywood will be obsessed with @tarak9999 acting again 🔥🔥🔥 #GlobalStarNTR #ManOfMassesNTR #NTR𓃵 #War2 https://t.co/5Z3IZEWqwM" / Twitter
  12. Second herioin kruthi shetty ? inkevaru dorakaleda NTR30: ఎన్టీఆర్ మూవీలో మరో హీరోయిన్.. సెన్సేషనల్ బ్యూటీనే తీసుకున్నారుగా! | Krithi Shetty to Play Second Female Lead in Jr NTR Movie - Telugu Filmibeat
  13. KS ki inka Acharya impact vunnattu vundi . Best work ichetattu vunnadu Acharya poyi manchi pani ayyindi . They are serious and looks worked on subject seriously 😒 😊
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