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  1. Intha negative lo kooda YSRCP: 16 ante we have to doubt on survey or they might be taking sample from volunteer/freebie batch
  2. Main TRS fight with congress / Revanth but they act like fighting with BJP / bandi . Slow ga BJP main opposition to fight ani colouring ichi public ni confuse cheyyataniki Bandi ni hero chestharuto split votes like JS main opposition ga project ayithe YSR grlusthadi BJP Banana for next term but if KCR succeed to project them as main opposition then definitely KCR win
  3. Documents submit cheyyandi with in 1 week lo ani deadline Pedithe kontha mandi Kastapadi Eluru vellaru documents submit cheyyataniki then marala taruvatha rammannaru Velithe ippudu kaadu marala eppudo cheptham ani antunnaru oka process ledu anukonta nd cheppindi cheyyakapoina ok and late ayina ok but ila rammani then pommani chepthe .... poeple think that it will not happen soon
  4. 3 months ayyindi but latest ga marala teesukonnaru but this wil be great help to farming
  5. acre ki 20 lakhs isthunnaru ani matrame telusu and government rate vachi 7 lakhs per acre godava settle ayyindo ledo teliyadu but ma bank account details teesukonnaru
  6. Dwaraka Tirumala area lo compensation eppudu istharu farmers ki emann idea Vunda
  7. Hi Bro

    Ma cousin vunnadu bro and this year pass out . He really need Job .

    can you help ? Please share your numberĀ 

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