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    Ntrforever reacted to TDP_2019 in YCP using central aid   
    State money ki yearly vachhevi vasthayi. This is extra AID given to all states. 
    Regular ga vachhe money vasthe your argument is fare. But extra AID you need to accept it is center help.
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    Ntrforever reacted to TDP_2019 in Employees getting what they deserved!   
    Enni pressmeets pettam ane daani meeda win/lose undadu. Political management meeda untadi. we were disaster in that last term. YCP fake propaganda ni ey maatram counter cheyyalekapoyam. Even now thier fake propaganda is peaks
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    Ntrforever reacted to ramntr in Gutsy Murthy   
    Parents donno.. 
    Not married ani valla apartment lo vunde colleague అన్నాడు, he gives good amount of monthly income to charity anta.... 
    Sai gadu lantollu సిగ్గు thechukovali ఇలాంటి వాళ్ళని చూసి... 
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    Ntrforever reacted to ravindras in Employees getting what they deserved!   
    Dictators believe in might is right. They won't care about morals ethics etc. They surrender when they feel opponent is mightier than them. They can't tolerate criticism. They think only they have brains. Their insecurities and self interest play key role in decision making instead of greater good. They crush rivals without mercy. They do whatever it takes for winning race. 
    Telugu lo oka sametha vuntundhi. Andhithe juttu andhakapothe kaallu pattukuntaaru.
    Examples: jagan, visa, Kcr velli modi kaallu pattukuntaaru.  Ap tg lo noru etthina vaarini thokkesthaaru.
    Current generation employees, people ki veelle correct. Endhukante telugu state lo andharoo dhongale. Evadiki chance vasthe vaadu dochukuntaadu. Evadiki visvaasam vundadhu. Veellani mepadam kannaa 4 gedhelni, aavulni mepadam better. Mana janaalaki jagan koodaa saripodu. Saddam Hussein, idi Amin, aurangjeb, laanti dictators kaavaali. 
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    Ntrforever reacted to ravindras in Employees getting what they deserved!   
    CBN lokuvagaa dorikaadu. Jagan ni choosi CBN nerchukovalsina vishayam pressmeet conduct cheyyakapovadam. Video message pampaali . Question chesina vaadi kaallu chethulu viraggottinchaali. 
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    Ntrforever got a reaction from PP SIMHA in YCP using central aid   
    Bjp completely supporting YCP. 
    They wantedly ignored to cash it to support ycp
    Also rythu bandu scheme 
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    Ntrforever reacted to gnk@vja in Employees getting what they deserved!   
    Ranku mogudu em chesina sammaga untadi .
    Mogudu okka mata anna egiripadtharu
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    Ntrforever reacted to TDP_2019 in Employees getting what they deserved!   
    Vaadiki Vote vese sections kosam anni aapesi Navaratnaalu isthunnadu ga. They will be happy with that. who cares about development in AP where money and caste are more important
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    Ntrforever reacted to Jaitra in West Godavari record break   
    It was before lockdown bro?
    There was no instructions from govt till then.
    What's wrong in they having a meeting?
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    Ntrforever reacted to sagar_tdp in Get ready for 9 PM announcement   
    Repu local kirana shops lo candles karuvu vasthai emo janalu adhe pani ga koni dhesa bhakthi chatutharu
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    Ntrforever reacted to NatuGadu in Employees getting what they deserved!   
    Raja kaja maja with group dance
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    Ntrforever reacted to ramntr in West Godavari record break   
    Now visit visa in any country ppl are using it for different purposes, it companies ey visit visa మీద business trip epistharu chala చోట్ల... Delhi case is nothing different but conspiracy angle ey interrogate cheyyali... 
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    Ntrforever reacted to LION_NTR in West Godavari record break   
    As usual gaa baffas..religious angle teesukosthunnaru.
    they r trying to find a scapegoat for their delay in closing the airports.
    aa meet jarigindi much before the lockdown l
    appatiki mana daggara ayithe..movie theatres kooda open gaane unnaayi.
    mana CM ekaga elections ye pettamani demand chesthuna time adi.
    Baffas are the ones  to be blamed.
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    Ntrforever reacted to pavan s in muslims in hospitals   
    why all has to go to a corner? in my office they used to pray from their respective cubicles.. there is lot of place. .they can do near their beds..
    anyway as long as they are not effecting others, no issue.. 
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    Ntrforever reacted to pavan s in Thank your stars   
    after poll result, i felt if jagan has to get power, this is best time and let him work hard to reap any benifits.... otherwise these 5 years every stupid fellow in AP will take CBN for granted starting from opposition leader to 4th grade govt employee, and anyway next time he or pk or some dk will come.. they will enjoy the fruits of CBN planning like ysr & kcr
    Now this is proving stars are with CBN and thats why he is out of power.. he has done more than enough and AP people doesn't deserve that much... just relax and let time decide the destination..
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    Ntrforever reacted to balayyatheking in Thank your stars   
    Vademanna janalaki cheyyataniki vachada... vaadi cases kaapadukovadam kosam kavali...
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    Ntrforever reacted to ravindras in salary cut started in TG   
    From second term onwards Kcr become tough towards employees. He didn't give IR, DA, PRC. He realised that employees never loyal towards ruler. If he spend same amount for other people  he will get more votes . Jagan also following same strategy.
    Do-g tail can't be straightened. We can't expect loyalty from some sections of people. Politician can ignore non loyal people. Politician should able to identify potential&existing loyal voters and take care their small needs. 
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    Ntrforever reacted to krish2015 in salary cut started in TG   
    Niku vadu em chesina antha wonderful ela kanipisthundi mastaru
    Govteee salary cut anteee it shows huge impact on low paid private employees than govt employees
    Govteee cut chesthundi ani repati nunchi private employers andaru cut chestharu middle class and lower middle class suffers a lot
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    Ntrforever reacted to koushik_k in salary cut started in TG   
    Wonderful decision.   Kcr  
    Hyd under full control. So called farm house cm  Kcr single hand tho chakram tipputunnadu.  People kuda alane cooperating . I’m sure he will be remembered once this corona issue is settled 
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    Ntrforever reacted to Npower in Marri Reddyprasad - Railwaykodur   
    Ippudu thamaru DB lo avasaranaa... Mem bharinchatlaa.... 
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    Ntrforever reacted to Kumbk in Boss got COVID   
    Ee mukka late ga post chestunna to minimize panic among dbers.
    My boss was  the first  presumptive COVID positive in our state couple of weeks ago. He is 50+, but had only mild symptoms. After few days, few of our colleagues were also tested positive. They all contracted it at a conference. Our office went into complete lockdown and the state health department got involved. Luckily they quarantined themselves at home immediately after the symptoms showed up. All of them recovered and are working from home.  I also quarantined myself for 14 days as a precaution because my boss's office is opposite to my room.
    My advice is to maintain social distance, but don't get panicked about COVID19. It is dangerous only to small set of people. My boss was working at his normal pace (which is like 16 hours/day) the whole time.
    At the same time, don't underestimate its effect on vulnerable people. Even though me and my wife are young and didn't exhibit any symptoms, we went into self-quarantine even when it was not mandatory for us to prevent its possible spreading. 
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    Ntrforever reacted to kurnool NTR in Boss got COVID   
    Sounds good. Commendable work done by you and your wife. 
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    Ntrforever reacted to sskmaestro in Trump behaving as stock market broker   
    No impact of corona virus
    corona is a hoax created by Dems
    Corona can’t survive our hot weather in spring 
    corona is just like a flu, no need to worry. 
    energency declared
    fed gave zero interest 
    declaration of financial package 
    corona vaccine vachedindi no need to worry
    corona is a Chinese virus
    will lift the social distancing by Easter...
    almost each statement is a week apart..... 
    pattern choodandi..... and also see how
    stock market reacted to this....
    this guy is too much worried about stock markets than public health and safety!
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    Ntrforever reacted to Godavari in Best edit for పూర్ణం   
    Konni days ivi apestheee better..people are in panic tdp  social media should focus on Corona issue only from now ,
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    Ntrforever reacted to RKumar in let EC rule state: Jagan   
    Tirupati lo streets lo hulchul chesi heroism choopinchina oka police officer rowdys tirupati elections dourjanyam chesthunte emaipoyadu?