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    Ntrforever reacted to sskmaestro in Cisco lo Brahmin Mangers meeda caste based discrimination lawsuit   
    Jaya lalitha English choodandi..... mamool class kadu.... I like her for that. Single lady, fought all the way to top level! (Corruption angle lekuntey she deserves lot of prestigious Indian awards)
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    Ntrforever reacted to bharath_k in In 10 months A.P people lost 1 Lakh crore   
    A small analysis :   From the CAG Audited report : 
    As compared to  2018-19 march yr (90.8K crore)   in 2019-20 march yr(85.8K cr)  A.P lost 5K crore in tax collection.  
    Normally , it should  be 15% more collection needed as compared to any previous yr.  ( 10% growth is  normal case ) 
    But here  it reduced  6%  this is also after increasing duty on liquor, sand, cement  and land registrations e.t.c else  this will be 10 to 11% reduction. 
    This 10% reduction happened in 10 months. 
    Reduction of 10% and expected loss of growth 15% leads to 25% loss of  revenue to the state. 
    25% loss which is 25K crore loss to GOVT leads to 1 lakh crore of wealth evaporated from Andhra people hands  in 10 months.  ( from June 2019 - march 2020 )  
    So, over all there is a study decline of revenue/wealth ranging from 1.5 to 2.5% month is happening. 
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    Ntrforever reacted to bharath_k in In 10 months A.P people lost 1 Lakh crore   
    I just got the CAG audited report , from  CAG website.  
    Normally state GOVTs provide little fake information about the borrowings to CAG ( As it effects the debt raising ability of state ) 
    But they can not cheat the revenue.. so tax revenue indicators are ideal to analyse the states further  survival. 
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    Ntrforever got a reaction from ravindras in RRR as Independent MP??   
    In 2019 I like CBN decision for giving siva garu as MP candidate. 
    Personally he has lot of good will
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    Ntrforever reacted to raaz in Nara Lokesh vs YS Jagan   
    Most of the people dont see how intellegent a person is, how depth of knowledge he has and all..they are just added advantages..How does he look and how does he talk..It was easy for them to make him pappu because of his physical appearance..Politics and physical appearance, do not seem to be dependent on another..But it matters a lot..specially for the people at the top..Same time issues with Tarak..So it was obvious for Tarak fans to belittle him as much as possible as he came in as the heir..Most of the TG youth hated CBN to the core..and 2 PKs batches..It was like entire youth was opposite..They all did a bit..and Lokesh gave them the chances with both his appearance and talking(Most of the peope dont have the patience to go through the entire videos to assess a person, they form their opinions based on 10-20 sec WA videos)..
    The same goes for Rahul as well..Appearance..They killed Rahul before 2014 itself..But somehow CBN and lokesh didn't learn anything from that..he may cover the image over the period of time..But he has to work a lot more than he would have if he worked a little better earlier..
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    Ntrforever reacted to OneAndOnlyMKC in Jupudi Prabhakar   
    Space bokk@ delete thread bro
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    Ntrforever reacted to sskmaestro in Jupudi Prabhakar   
    No need to watch the video..... iDream video.  Just make a lot about this jump jilaneeee
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    Ntrforever reacted to Jaitra in BJP now has Biggest Majority in Rajya Sabha   
    Anti conversion bill pass chesi saavu
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    Ntrforever reacted to TDP_2019 in TV5 Murthy   
    What ever you call RK, He has guts to oppose both governments. Vaadini broker anna, inkemanna, vaadu aa govt tho compromise aithe vaadiki vachhe benefits vaadiki vasthayi. But he did not till now. Lets appreciate that. 
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    Ntrforever reacted to LION_NTR in TV5 Murthy   
    Ushoo.. Ramoji ..puppet aa?
    akkada janam antha Tg ane mathu lo unte...eyana velli emi saadhisthaadu?
    yadhaa prajaaa...tahtha raaja or Ramoji 😎🤪
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    Ntrforever reacted to NTRYoungTiger in Raghurama krishna Raju   
    Inko one year wait cheyyandi raju garu 🙏
    Inkoncham unrest create cheyyandi ysrcp lo 
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    Ntrforever reacted to Buddodu in Dhulipalla   
    worst anchor.. not deserved to give interview.
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    Ntrforever reacted to ramntr in Rajasthan lo Congress Govt. Fasak avvabothondi twaralo   
    Actual ga ఇలాంటివి manchide కాంగ్రెస్ ki, ముసలి సంత ni vadilinchukotaniki, సిగ్గు emanna vunte ఎదిగిన యూత్ ని encourage cheyyali కాంగ్రెస్.. 
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    Ntrforever reacted to gnk@vja in Centre gave GST state share   
    Shh...ila aithe ela masteru.  Tdp govt appudu intha kuda raledu .
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    Ntrforever reacted to gnk@vja in Centre gave GST state share   
    Bane icharu ga . Central manchi ga support chesthundi ycp govt ni . Inka ap govt ela develop chesthundi choodali 
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    Ntrforever reacted to sudhakar21 in Ramesh to continue as aec   
    We have to win in elections not in courts
    present telugu people will see it as heroism that he is fighting with courts 
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    Ntrforever reacted to MVS in Tirupati Laddu Catering lo Order to Deliver..Ramana Deekshithulu Fire   
    ttd board thought  to sell the lands in the previous goverment  but then tdp government had not given permission for selling the lands as it hurts peoples sentiments ...but YCP goverment had given a GO & permission to dispose the lands .... issue was not simply blown up 
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    Ntrforever reacted to MVS in Taraka Ramudu NTR   
    Jai telugu desham ...Jai NTR
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    Ntrforever reacted to LuvNTR in Taraka Ramudu NTR   
    NTR Garu.
    RTC ni independent organization ga chesi complexes every town lo undali ani reform sesina vyakti. Market Yards build sesina CM Gurukul Schools for tribals, BCs ki start sesina first CM APRJC ni start sesi rural youth ki free education ichina CM. Teachers ki Salaries penchina first CM Liquor Probation sesi maata meeda nilabadina First CM 1 HP motor ki 50 Rs electricity bill only ani start chesina CM Equal rights for women in properties chesina first CM Handir Neeva, Telugu Ganga Starts chesina first CM 2 Rs KG Rice ichina CM Entho mandi poor peoples ki 5 lac pakka houses ani start sesi fiver years lo built chesi ichina CM feudal system ga unna Munsab-Karanam system, Patel-Patwari systems ni abolish chesi Mandals create chesina CM (reason brahmins hate TDP) TTD ni complete reform sesina only CM Telugu Film Industry Hyderabad lo undali ani pattu batti Hyd lo studios anni vochela hard work sesina CM. EAMCET ni start chesina first CM most loss making govt. industries ni privatize sesina CM (alwynn sold to M&M) Reduced Govt. employees retirement age to 55 from 58. (reason govt. employees hate TDP). banned Govt school teachers having participation in private schools, tuition centers etc. NTR is the only CM that did not XXXX to strike by teachers. He used NGO association to run exams and teaching when govt. teachers are in strike. (reason all teachers hate TDP) Vizag Steel Plant kosam lobby sesi all facilities ichi establish ayyela pani sesina CM. inka chaala chesadu. enni chesina mana telugu vallu ane chesadu. Anduke Legend ga maaradu. NTR gariki vari jayanti sandarbham ga subhakankshalu.
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    Ntrforever reacted to kurnool NTR in Costha 2 MLA's Jump   
    TS situation repeat. Entha cadre vunna leaders lekapothe, no one to guide them.
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    Ntrforever reacted to yamaha in Yeluri, Sidha   
    100 rupees business ki 200 rupees fines vesaru
    So can't help, let them take shelter
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    Ntrforever got a reaction from kurnool NTR in Tirupati Laddu Catering lo Order to Deliver..Ramana Deekshithulu Fire   
    CBN should give targets for likes and shares to every constituency incharge
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    Ntrforever reacted to SREE_123 in 5 Rs PayTM artist Kathi Mahesh in FB   
    indirect gaaa...naku oka post kvalee ane aduguthunaduu gaaa...!
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    Ntrforever reacted to Bulldozer in Ignore BJP use our energy on local evil   
    Ignore BJP , they are zero in our state,use our energy against ysrcp, last election also we did the same mistake.