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  1. Better TDP concentrate only on AP .. its no use in Telangana though there are more people who admire CBN and NTR more than KCR or YSR .. Exactly TRS will again use TDP and apply sentiment ..better not to go towards TG ... Till now we see lot of old generation people seeing senior NTR movies and listening songs ..which cannot be wiped out untill they die .... Abhimanam eppudu untadi ...kani donga raja keeya nayakulu money ichhenta varakeee ... there are many people who admire CBN for his administration ... which also cannot be wiped out Any ways C
  2. KCR ki uccha padali antee ... BJP has to pull all leaders .... Bcas there is no chance for congress , it cannot come to power , people will not vote by seeing Rahul Gandhi ... They will just vote vote for only Revanth Reddy .... but ....but they will only get mac 20 seats ..as they cannot spend money as they were not in power if BJP cannot pull candidates from congress and TRS ... TRS will always win because of vote split Dangerous CMs in India 1.Jagan 2.Kcr Veellani vodinchataniki eee party ki vote veyyamanna sareeee ...
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