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  1. Italy & Spain retirement destinations for most of europe..... relatively aged population ekkuva
  2. chusa.... 14-days incubation vundi ga.... next 2-3 weeks increase avuthane vuntai... London Excel center ni corona hospital ga marustunnaru ga.... 4K beds anta.... 10-days lo ready avuddi ani chadiva news lo
  3. Ma daggara kuda new cases rate taggindi Venki..... Mundu janallo ' its just another flu' attitude vundedi - ippudu bane maintain chestanaru social isolation London lo kuda
  4. ala emi ledu.... or at least I haven't seen any difference so far other than sitting at home
  5. ledule... bane control chesthunnaru.... last week nunchi koncham seriousness vachindi public lo.... Scott lo ela vundi
  6. Untaxed income aithene if they pay tax in the country they live in, no tax
  7. South Korea ni China lo merge chesthunatlu GO isthe sari...
  8. And... they don’t cause traffic congestion, sound pollution, air pollution etc.... vallu enduku suffer avvali
  9. Complete shutdown - No.... Reduced services - yes India lo near & dears ki edina emergency vachina velle chance lekunda vundatam not good....
  10. In 2017, a total of US$68.968 billion was made in remittances to India from other countries, and a total of US$5.710 billion was made in remittances by foreign workers in India to their home countries, for a net inflow of $63.258 billion. ee remittances lekunte RBI forex reserves xxxxx naki poiddi.... Petrol & imported essentials ippati rate kante entha ekkuva vuntayo.... chusi matladandi koncham