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  1. Gunner

    Vijay Mallya

    London court rules Vijay Mallya should be extradited from UK to India
  2. Gunner

    Repu ee time ki

    down avthundi anukunevallu repu ramakandi... db ki traffic ayina taguddi....admin aedo kavalani db ni down chesthunnatly mi budabokkala post lu
  3. Gunner

    Mabbulu veedutunnayi ga

    @baggieannai... repu 11th na round up chestavemo ga... db nunchi oka 1wk leave teesukunte poddi
  4. Gunner

    Final Count

    MK vachina.... ma stance Congi ki opp ne uncle
  5. Gunner

    TDP to contest elections from Odisha

    1. I never supported BJP independently .... when I have to chose between INC & BJP, I go with BJP 2. when I had to chose between KCR & INC, my choice was KCR.... If KCR was most corrupt & had dictator mentality, why did CBN asked for an alliance? 3. My post that you quoted was.... when I had to chose between BJD & INC..... BJD is way better than INC in every aspect 4. If people have a problem with my posts, let it be.... 5. not so sensible.... to whom? they make sense to me and that is ALL which matters to me people may have short memory and they may have forgot what Congi did to AP & TDP.... but, I don't I know you personally and I know your post was in good intention.... hence my reply.... if it was someone else whom I do not personally, I would not have cared to reply!!
  6. Gunner

    TDP to contest elections from Odisha

    I said vote against Congi - I have no problem to vote for CPI & TJS.....
  7. Gunner

    Final Count

    TRS - 62 +/- 2 Congi+ - 40 +/- 2 BJP - 4 +/- 1 MIM - 7 +/- 1 Others - 6 +/- 2
  8. Gunner

    TDP to contest elections from Odisha

    Yes - Naveen Honest.... He is against Congi... so, he may not join any alliance that includes congi.... Remember.. odissa lo congi distant 3rd place... bjp vs Bjd akkada....
  9. Gunner

    TDP to contest elections from Odisha

    National party... that too dustacongi ki favor cheyatam kosam.. strong regional party plus one of the honest CM’s in India ki dent kotte alochana cheyatam....... Hmmmm 😒😒
  10. Gunner

    Dec 7 - 2018

    db lo mana post la ki kuda voters influence avtharu antava
  11. Gunner

    Dec 7 - 2018

    If I have to chose between INC & BJP, my choice is very clear 😀
  12. Gunner

    Dec 7 - 2018

    Vote FOR tdp where it is contesting... vote against INC where tdp isn’t contesting
  13. Gunner


    Ivala KCR full day campaigning in Gajwel