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  1. In that case...2024 ki... will we give credit to congi?
  2. Agreed... aa situation lo tdp aemi chesthundi antav uncle
  3. Just for discussion Centre lo UPA, state lo tdp vaste.... ycp ni jagga congi lo merge chesthe tdp upa lo continue avuthunda leka bayataku vastunda... ycp ni merge chesta ante congi vallu vaddu antara or merge chesukuntara? Apudu both states lo congi common enemy kabatti iddaru chandrulu kalisi pani chestara?
  4. What was BJP count in south before 2014? When the entire country voted against Indira, Post emergency, south voted for her... from that position Congi slid to near Zero in south... BJP gained from zero to double digits... so, who is the biggest loser in south? I am only talking about BJP & Congi.... not their regional allies..
  5. I said this before.... there are a lot of people who doesn’t like Modi, but, still vote for him as they fo not see an alternative... My whole point was Congi/Rahul is not being seen as an alternative for BJP/Modi and Congi/Rahul did very little to change that perspective..
  6. Re the bold part; more chances for BJP matching Congi numbers in south states, which is a gain for BJP (South has been a stronghold of Congi historically).... so, south really showed middle finger to ______ (fill in the blanks)
  7. Because Modi feels Rahul is no match to him to engage in open debate uncle Before someone call me a Bhakt; would remind the famous proverb “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” ...