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  1. Jaffa will be using these tactics a lot..
  2. Difference is that our family will be in relatively safe environment. Difference is that people can express their views without fear. Difference is that …infinity I know you probably are just expressing displeasure of these free schemes which I am not a fan either ..but calling out as TDP is no different than YSRCP is too big of blunder. Lot of ppl do this and they put everyone in same bucket..we are no way closer to this xxxxxx Jaffa
  3. What’s the point of this circus ? most of the black money guys are finding ways easily.. modi will face the heat for this in upcoming elections
  4. Bahubali lo anushka badulu pebbi pakkana direct eevidane pettalasindhi
  5. Ppl are calling it as Modicare anta...veedi image building tactics thagalayya
  6. party ni bathikinchadame annagariki iche pedda bahumathi.. adi CBN successful ga chestunnadu... Vigrahalu ...road ki buildings ki perlu kaadu brother
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