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  1. Reminder for young folks..don’t get too much emotionally attached to the party and go out of your way unless you have some benefit. Value system of these rich/powerful ppl is just pathetic.
  2. what a shame ! CBN sir..get a life
  3. Afghan — US inflation in same sentence aa i rest my case
  4. I don’t understand the rationale of people like the thread author….who are well educated but fail miserably at objective reasoning. I won’t be surprised if these guys take the side of our jaffa cm.
  5. And fyi most people are dumb wits and can’t understand how economy works and blame Biden alone for what’s happening now which is another reason for a fall in these polls. Fed pumped more money under trump rule than any other contemporary president which is one of the major factors for higher inflation
  6. Trump is just bad for society. Racism raged under his rule. If you have kids in this country (who are minorities) you would understand the pain. I would rather take 4/8 years of bad economy than a bad school environment as my kid grow up.
  7. https://twitter.com/WARMA007/status/1542046598217142272?s=20&t=BHlvH8aV2M8Hdh4BwR8Y2g
  8. Ppl are calling it as Modicare anta...veedi image building tactics thagalayya
  9. party ni bathikinchadame annagariki iche pedda bahumathi.. adi CBN successful ga chestunnadu... Vigrahalu ...road ki buildings ki perlu kaadu brother
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