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  1. Bro ila miru every thread lo modi ni tittukune kanna... Issue based discussion unte baguntademo chudandi... Thread is more related to privacy and data localisation... We agree about your anguish towards modi and everyone knows he failed.. No point daily tittukuntu kurchunte
  2. Next tym if tdp makes alliance with BJP , will skip voting tdp also
  3. Pan lit bro... Everything is aadhar.. Dealers can somehow arrange for filing returns, if amount is significant IT vallaki tds ni following month 7 th lopu credit cheyali....if they don't credit TDS to IT dept,deductor has to pay penalty... So identify aipoidi easy gane(then dealers can agitate) .. Not so easy to manipulate IT money... It's good that slowly unorganised sector is coming to tax net
  4. Tds esthe tappu ledule... Ration ollu antha side lo sarukulu ammukuntaru...
  5. Situation is grave.... Don't know how we manage this...
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