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  1. Psbs doesn't follow central government DA Guess psu also doesn't follow... They have their own system of da calculation every quarter
  2. Intha chillara comments ela chestunaru miru? Central government employees include defense people, various investigation depts, scientists fraternity, research, drdo and many more .... Villandaru mi dagariki ochi or govt dagara dasara mamul adigara? Jus asking... Aaa batch lekundane India ane country run avtundi anukuntunara? Political vendetta unte you should direct your comments accordingly... Evaro naluguru employees ni chusi ... System antha alage undi anukune mi lanti prejudiced opinion unna valle... oka dasara mamul adige peon ni and oka efficient scientist ni
  3. It's not extra allowance.. It's part of their salary which is not paid for 18 months
  4. Miku telisi matladataro telika matladataro.... Intha ignorant comments ela chestunaru.. DA increases/decreases according to inflation(cpi) for central govt employees to offset the burden of inflation... This was freezed due to corona from jan 2020...and unfreezed now.... This is not hike it's part of salary( da decreases when inflation decreases)... It's a regular activity for employees every 6 months... Da from 17 to 28% is not in single stage process but in multiple stages ( jan 2020 ki 17 to 21% , July 2020 ki 24%, jan 2021 ki 28 % ) ivvani central government corona n
  5. Ade bro.. Valle odilesi nappudu manam em chestam matter discuss chesi antuna
  6. Jeetham rani vallaki leni badha manakenduku.... 2 months salary aginapudu valle bayatakostaru
  7. I India is name sake democracy Imagine the situation when common people has to fight with system? No rules apply to Bureaucrats and politicians
  8. ఆంధ్ర వదిలేయండి.... Tax katti bokka Aa mataki osthe India ni odileyadam better... Pina vadu kinda vidu tax sommu nasanam chestunaru
  9. Nothing will happen Miru 1 year nundi kastapadi data vesthu threads vesaru... Emayindi... Vallu appuki inko source vethukuntunaru Mosha blessing unanthakalam nothing will happen... We shall laugh when govt is bankrupt...
  10. Its jus another corporate hospital..may not be as bad as other corporate hospital They do free treatment as they need patients for mbbs and pg courses Any medical clg with hospital provides free surgeries if u observe... Guess they charged around 40 k per day per bed during covid Evaru chesina business ey... healthcare should be with central government. Bring more people to tax net, stream line taxes and giving free healthcare to all is need of the hour
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