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  1. BMS lo mega heros ki ela ratings ochevo...manollu alane trying atundi Guess producer is taking care of all these things
  2. Miryala seems to b managing well in digital platforms...
  3. D leka M varam kaburlu When king cannot hold fort , how would people believe or respect Wait for result and forget if it's adverse
  4. Sensible bro ..there were 100s of sick PSUs ... As I have first hand experience of dealing with PSUs like ITI ...I saw how pathetic they work They were not having single order till corona and now running on bare minimum orders due to ban on some china imports and just eating salaries with public taxes People here doesn't know these companies exist ,so I didn't mention them
  5. My view is for sick PSUs bro Deleted few of my posts as one member is personally abusing Lic is not in the discussion as said above, it's only an ipo not outright privatisation I spoke on policy of privatisation but people here see only political party
  6. In a capitalistic economy thats a common trait ...be it India or USA Aren't our engineers working in USA as bonded labour? What's wrong if you work in private industry in India? Ok let's think your way.. Do you think if these sick PSUs exist, they will accommodate all the youth of country ? These PSUs hardly constitute 5 lakh employees all india wide which is 1/10 of software industry alone...forget about other job sectors How are you planning to accommodate people in job market into these PSUs with hardly 20 k vacancy released every year ? What we should fight f
  7. LIC , iocl, BPCL,hpcl are profit making now... but if you see their work culture you will understand how crippled they are...they have lot more potential if given to good hands Lic is not getting privatised wholly ... It's coming for IPO and hardly 15 percent will b sold to investors...isn't it creating wealth to retail investors/government? For 15 percent if you feel wrong.....I wonder whether you are aware of SBI shareholding? Govt has around 55 percent stake only in SBI... You need not listen to me... just go to their offices and check the service and compare with priva
  8. Can't stoop to u r level Stop making personal comments on other db members
  9. Anni assets kadu... liabilities avi government ki... It's need of hour to privatise and govt should rub off hands from business In one way it puts end to reservation also. central govt assets ki karuventi ..ilantivi 380 companies unay avi ammelopu Mana generation kuda aipoindi..
  10. Deniki leni publicity ivatatanika
  11. Lepi avatala vestaru ... Power unapudu avasaram leni paritala lantollu .... Power lenapudu techi valla life nasanam cheyatanika
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