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  1. I am glad on this happening for secretariat employees ....they deserve this
  2. I am sorry for employees who voted for tdp....but majority of them voted for xxxxxx let them enjoy their karma ....
  3. Boothu emi undi akkada ....did he force everyone to join people who are interested are coming.....I don't see any wrong in this infact govt should legalize casinos .....
  4. Mi yellow pans ma nani gdv lol tourism develop chesi jobs teste chudalekapotunnadra...
  5. Tdp power Loki ochina pikedi emi undadu ....ac rooms and suit boot people ni encourage cheyyatam tappa....more cruelty had happened between 2004-2009.....party was not even ready to give free hand to families who have suffered after coming to power in 2014.....now no body bothers what might happen to party in seema.....
  6. Exactly cbn should have done this .....avasaram create cheyyakapote evadu care cheyyatla
  7. https://m.ap7am.com/flash-news-733256/chandrababu-alleges-cinema-industry-did-not-cooperate-to-tdp
  8. This clarity is much important instead of playing a safe game ......
  9. Brother everyone has a perception based on majority percentage.....don't take it wrong ...you might be sincere but 80% of the employees are literally vultures who feed on common people.....
  10. Good that it will create an anti reddy sentiment in the coming days .....
  11. Nag gadi cinema ki theater ki evadu podu in b and c centers
  12. Both side understanding ki poyaru Ani alliance ki pote both side understanding to Malli ycp ki guddutaru....leave the state to dogs...save party and cadre .....
  13. Radha episode seems a big drama ...he is trying to create sympathy to gather his father supporters and a complete drama show by nani and Vamsi under ycp direction.....no one will get benefited by killing a losing horse....
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