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  1. Sanathana Dharma is not this....its about inner transformation and the vedas are the core for sanathana dharma .....the vedas are the core for santhana dharma which define about the creation of cosmos and rituals required for the balance of nature .....try to chant the vedas with correct swara ....you will get the answers for everything..... don't ask anyone about anything just learn chanting from a guru and nature will answer everything for you ....if you want more answers go and visit Rama Rajya in Iowa ...and see how all the community is maintained by top notch scientists around the world ....don't fall in to the trap of leftists who have never studied the scriptures and have no idea ....
  2. Divided by time zones united by pelting stones and storing bricks in rest room
  3. In one way it is absolutely fine as the agriculture land will be there for agriculture instead of having industries....
  4. Concpet bagundi...but why only to scheduled castes???elago manaki vote veyyani convert Ed batch ki enduku...
  5. adikarula mida ottidi tetam kante pikedi emi ledule both opposition and Ruling parties ...evadi astulu vadiki kavali Hyderabad lo.....
  6. Raavi ki ivvakapote eppudu strong ee ...vadsoka useless fellow..more over Yalavarthy coming to TDP has made TDP more strong .....re organise chesinappudu 2004 mandals unna gdv constituency unte chalu ...Nani done inka
  7. Anni party lu ekabiprayam to ok ane ekika vishayam seat la penchudu ...lol.....political ga employment create cheyyali kada...
  8. gdv ni reserve cheyyatam ante ika mana party valu nani ki pikaleru ane news veltundi....we should have it genral and win it in 2019.....Now we are strong in gdv
  9. Shared it fb....share it as much as possible in fb and Twitter.....
  10. leaders involve avudam anna babu involve avvanivvaduga TDP leaders ade sagam cadre ki chikaku pette vishayam
  11. Vijayawada nundi Penna reservoir ki Canal tavvina saripoddi bro......
  12. The most dangerous people in the world are liberals

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