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  1. As per sickulars Jp Morgan is bought by BJP....
  2. That is actually a good thing to do ....the more people come out of madarsas and get normal education they can be de radicalized...because Abraham if religions defie logical thinking... We are for providing education to muslim youth to welcome them in to main stream science ... We are for equal rights for women and against the evil practices of triple Talaq and nikah halala.... BJP is committed to deracidalize Islam by providing proper education and not by distribution of some ones properties to Muslims which doesn't serve the purpose
  3. She is representing India with actual stats and accomplishments from last 10 years ...
  4. https://www.moneycontrol.com/news/opinion/imf-forecasts-india-will-become-fourth-largest-economy-by-2025-third-by-2027-12697561.html
  5. https://youtu.be/XRY37wBDWjQ?si=KQMK7bt7Ey0oRelH This could give sleepless nights to sickulars and sickular finance specialists
  6. If you want to make a better policy for uplifting people their income is enough to determine what to has to be done for better upliftment of those people ....Govt has all the records of people income and doesn't require castwe and religion census....intha Chinna logic ela miss iyyaru Congress chamchaas...
  7. Mastwr uu fake rathee gadi videos texhi ikkada esinanthakalam ide repeat avuddi....and you don't have any idea on religion and preaching me religion in the name of religion is the biggest hypocrisy....the party talhat you love most communist pikindi enti....Bengal went from number 1 state to rats and Kerala is bankrupt ...time for you to introspect your ideology and take the right path...
  8. Aa edise batch 2002 nundi edustune unnaru... leftist batch cry is actually the reason for Victory of bjp...turning a normal person in to a bhakt....the more leftists cry modi reaches great heights ....finally leftist edupe modi ki deevena...
  9. We don't care about future Ram mandir is a dream come true for hindutva vadis.....and yes it requires guts and intellectual capabilities to abrogate 370....mi leader la graphics and temporary capital kadu uncle Modi...he will at least fulfill karyakarta wishes not like cbn tothrow cadre in garbage on attaining power ....
  10. Ya better for land grabbing and liquor scams.
  11. Ya for encroachments of high court land and liquor scams?? Even bjp and congress didn't dare to touch court lands ....mi aap maro level ....aap lo join iyyi baga sampadinchukondi uncle ...I appreciate your clarity
  12. Ya for the below thing ....ok that shows your understanding
  13. Show me the video where he cried ...this tweet is nothing but propaganda with out any proof...
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