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  1. figures reverse kuda kavachu but pedda diff undadu tight fight bayata janalani chusi wave anukovaddu evaru gelichina botaboti majority
  2. Yrscp 90 TDP 83 Others 2
  3. Om Shanti What a fine man, We miss you sir
  4. annai repu results feeling gaja gaja
  5. If women feel unsafe, shouldn't call ourselves 'mard'

  6. Today is the 2nd anniversary of our 2nd world cup win that happened on 2nd April in a match when we batted 2nd after the toss was decided in 2nd attempt.

  7. As per Indian laws, you can have sex at 16, but can't watch others having sex for the next 2 years.

  8. Today is 20th Anniversary of Mumbai serial Bomb Blasts which killed 257 and injured 700 plus people. Seculars will not remember this day