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  1. Far east region which russia shares border with china there india is giving loan for region development so that we have access in future evadi goppalu chepukovataniki loans ivaru, illa unam kabatte jagan gadu kuda etti pettindi
  2. Balochistan people fighting for separate country 23 tarikuna 23 vachina inka set avaledu
  3. Right time to integrate kashmir in to india Trifurcation antunaru enta varaku nijamo jammu as state, kashmir and ladakh union territories with no assembly like Chandigarh and andaman
  4. Economy is not in danger to distract it is in grave right now Most dumb xxx budget award goes to 2019
  5. If women feel unsafe, shouldn't call ourselves 'mard'

  6. Today is the 2nd anniversary of our 2nd world cup win that happened on 2nd April in a match when we batted 2nd after the toss was decided in 2nd attempt.

  7. As per Indian laws, you can have sex at 16, but can't watch others having sex for the next 2 years.

  8. Today is 20th Anniversary of Mumbai serial Bomb Blasts which killed 257 and injured 700 plus people. Seculars will not remember this day

  9. More than being a Proud Indian, we should be proud of America, Canada, France & Israel.. These are the Nations which are raising their Voices against Hindu Genocide(MASS MURDERS) in Muslim Countries i.e; Pakistan, Bangladesh.. and NOT INDIA..! #Why-I'm-not-Proud-of-India?

  10. A nice way to strengthen India-Bangladesh relations would be to set up a UID Aadhar center in Dhaka

  11. I spent many years of my life here at 11, Ashoka Road. In a small room I used to do the work that party gave me: Shri Modi

  12. Everything works better in Gujarat. Even Manmohan Singh spoke and gave a speech here: Narendra Modi.

  13. NAMO-What about Afzal Guru, who attacked Parliament, our temple of democracy, in 2001? That offence predates Kasab’s heinous act by many years.