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  1. Naa suggestiin ayethe TDP should declare house site+tidco house for those 30 lakh beneficiaries....vallaki land vuntundi and also tidco house kooda vastundi...already 9 lakh tidco houses build ayyayi!!
  2. But 30 lakh people ne house sites owner chesaadu....ade Ikkada important...TDP should try to negate that!!
  3. For example Jagan 2022 lo govt dissolve chesi gelisthe....next elections will be only in 2027.....2018 lo TRS govt ne dissolve chesindi....so next elections 2023 kada!!
  4. Mastaaru...aadu win avuthe Malli election 2027 lo vuntaay...not in 2024
  5. Chance leedu bokka leedu ... General elections ke scenario will be diff....YCP top leaders tappa evadu benefit avvale YCP rule...maa friend ee full YCP lo dabbulu karchupette tirugutaadu...he is frustated to core!!!
  6. From college time,CBN tho padadu....Last time ee vachevaadu,if CBN has personally invited him.....last time vachevaadu....KCR fully supported him with projects in telangana....veedi weak ayethe chitoor lo YCP mataash......
  7. Main ga TDP groundwork Ela vundalante...aa peddireddy gadiki doubt ravali win avutanoledo ane.....2004 varuku punganur TDP strong seat anukunta....assembly re-org tho weak chesinattu vunaaru!!!
  8. Any info about him....Anisha reddy anukunta last MLA contestant!!!
  9. Good Analysis brother ...Parliamentary seats ke central party ke eppudu advantage....example 1998 lo congress won more seats compared to TDP,whc is in power.....2009 lo congress ke 30 plus seats vachaay though congress barely made in assembly seats!!!
  10. Wat are seats that have high chances of winning in 2024 in Prakasham??
  11. Before 2004 lo TDP has good hold on this district....Malli 2014 and 2019 elections TDP almost half seats gelichinde....So 2024 lo TDP strength emanna improve avochaa??....aa Balineni gadini choosthene baaga kaalutunde.....Damacharla baaga chesina odipoyaadantaaru???
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