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  1. One thing I like about him is his loyalty towards YSR family...vasthe added benefit to TDP in Nellore district....any Nellore locals??
  2. Brother….idhe every opposition party lo vundedhe…..ee physco government lo evadu daring cheyadu…..let’s focus on positives to bring TDP to power…..
  3. Manaki greater Seema(Seema + Nellore) ee challange....ikkada lokesh baaga plan chesi execute chesthe......People lo acceptance baaga perugutunde!!
  4. Mastaaru....ee Kalam politics lo ee party ke loyalty leedu...TDP power lo vundi manchiga power enjoy cheesi,money chesukune entha Mandi opposition lo active ga vunaaru??.....Mana target aa YCP ne chaavu debba kottali next elections....chinna chinna equations pakkana petti practical ga ground level facts batti proceed avvali!!!
  5. We should also try to bring Adala Prabhakar Reddy back to TDP….CBN brought him to politics…aa somireddy tho ego clashes valla,he left TDP…2014 lo just 13k votes tho Nellore MP odipoyaadu…..YCP asalu active ga ledanukunta
  6. TV lo cadburry add vachedi....Ramesh-Suresh ani....baaga set ayyaru
  7. Better project his daughter ...we need young blood
  8. Lokesh strength is subject...He can try build image like KTR among youth with his subject matter expertise in terms of IT,Creating opportunity for youth etc
  9. It's general sentiments among 85% of that community..Naa school friend ee open ga chepaadu....most of sainiks don't want to go TDP.....TDP kooda ee JSP ekkada pettalo akkada pettali!!
  10. Eedo identity crisis tho vachina frustation tho suffer avutunaadu....eediki Janasena loone tikana leedu....veedu anger issues valla!!!
  11. This is purely yaaparam...showtime consulting is looking for break.....I-PAC ne kotalante TDP ne defnet ga win cheyinchaali....it's pop-corn time for us
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