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  1. Jagan did major favour for TDP in giving clean chit for Amaravathi and other allegations....2024 lo hopefully TDP vasthe,Amaravathi will resume from where it left-off....Center lo kooda 2024 ke allaince government vastunde mostly....TDP should play it's cards safely...manki UPA vachina NDA vachina diff leedu!!!
  2. Just want to share my thoughts 2019 lo TDP gelichina max 95-105 madhyalo vacheevi.....so defnet ga aa KCR,Modi destabilize cheyataniki try chesevaalu.....Insecurity tho CBN more pro-ycp vallani party looki laagadanike try chesevaadu.....Lokesh meeda trolling next level lo chesevaalu...manaki bonus ga carona scenario... Oka vidanga lose avadam manchide anipistundi....TDP needs major repair for party which is close to 40 years....Lokesh is forced to improve....true TDP loyalists evaro telisinde....mainly Jaffa gaadu intha comedy piece ane including jaffas ke telusindi!!!
  3. I don't thk he will get any sympathy this time....ippudu tappu chesaadu kabatti jail looki veladanedhi establish avuddi....party will be split like AIDMK...with peddireddy group....Vijaysai reddy group.....sajjala group.....vaadu jail ke vellina vaadike bokka....vellaka poyina vaade bokka!!
  4. I thk TDP videos are dominating in youtube space....I generally don't subscribe to any YouTube channels...Post elections TDP has been dominating...YCP used to dominate before elections
  5. Jagan gaadu tippi kodithe oka 5 to 6 new schemes ichuntaada when compared to TDP regime......but names change chesi danine baaga publicity chesukutunaadu....last term TDP publicity ekkuva amaravathi,new companies,polavaram meeda pettaru....2024 ke TDP should match these schemes,which cost 15k to 20k crores yearly....avi ichukuntu development meeda focus cheyaali....
  6. TRS once opposition looki vasthe automatic ga T-TDP raise avuddhi!!!
  7. Ippudu teddies ne choosthe jaalestunde...naa friends lo kontha mandi,blood pettaru,but paisa use leedu....this is for only highly respected yeddies!!!
  8. We need these kind of analysts....eppudu TDP meeda padi ediche vaalu....he has good articulation skills
  9. How many of you are worried when TDP lost to Jaffa and feared about TDP future in 2019 elections....Fast forward 2 year are very much relieved by his comedy and enjoying though being in opposition ...??
  10. Honestly ee mess aa kukka Sekhar Reddy gaade karanam....chanchi devudayaadu....
  11. Uneducated labour batch antha YCP supporters majority
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