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  1. How can they allow deletion of votes without proper reasoning??
  2. Ee YCP vallu eppidu "600 hamilu " gaaliki vadilesaadu...TDP manifesto website nu di tesesaaru.....I've major points tho criticise chestaaru....i don't see any strong rebuttal from any TDP spokesperson Naaku telisi runamaafi and Nirudyoga bruthi tappa...TDP fulfilled all major 2014 election promises...more or less
  3. Deentlo shocking emundi.....AP asalu panulu vunte gaa...due to lack of sand availability and lack of development activities...
  4. Ee teddy batch welfare schemes and women voting meeda full hopes petukunde......Jaffa Target kooda vaale... Though initial ga naaku schemes ekkaleedu kaani.....Well planned schemes to target women votebank laa vundi....Framers inko few schemes careful ga plan chesthe 2024 TDP win conform!!
  5. Jagan beneficiaries 40% vere states lo panichestaaru taking money from AP.....denini control cheyale....
  6. Ladies are main beneficiaries of Jagan schemes......Ee scheme tho counter cheyali ......tappadu
  7. Leg meeda shoot cheyalisinde....YCP kukkalaki buddochedhi!!!
  8. https://www.mirchi9.com/politics/ys-jagan-man-of-manipulation-and-a-shrewd-politician/ in response to https://m.greatandhra.com/politics/opinion/ys-jagan-man-of-masses-but-not-an-efficient-politician-128676
  9. Last lo author name venakaala tooka choosara
  10. https://www.mirchi9.com/politics/jagan-the-great-leader-who-protects-his-tainted-leaders/ In response to below https://m.greatandhra.com/politics/opinion/chandrababu-the-great-leader-who-protects-his-cadre-128656
  11. Shantanu Singh who is Andhra head during last elections has been working with TDP via showtime consulting
  12. Naa point entante….RK can broker deal between CBN and KCR….why unnecessary frictions
  13. YCP chaala focused ga memu every family inni lakhs icham….TDP time lo ivem leevu….ani campaign chestundi TDP is trying to counter with extra taxes like waste tax,petrol,RTC etc….But TDP govt lo ee welfare chesindhi in comparison to YCP anedhi public lo TDP teesukellali…people memory is weak….I think Jaffa gaadu 90% of schemes names change chesi istunaadu… Highlevel lo evarayena TDP time lo welfare schemes Ebro explain cheyandi
  14. I don't understand what RK benefits going against KCR...??
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