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  1. Will one desert religion take responsibility when people chop head saying "ola-e-uber"???
  2. You can't separate reddies from politics.Jagan vachaaka baaga nastapoyindhi reddies....okapidu CBN cabinet lo 7-8 reddies vunde varu
  3. It's victory for mekapati Gautam reddy not YCP
  4. TDP ne damage cheyalante simple CBN ne first 2 years in opposition appude bokkalo vese vaaru....BJP is doing yaaparam with AP political parties!!!!
  5. TDP complete BC consolidation chesthe Anni set....kaaps ne lite teesukodam better...oka 20% TDP vesthe chaalu....rest will be split btw Janasena and YCP...TDP should only focus on 65% of AP vote bank...
  6. 2024 lo BJP will not let TDP to get power..may be 2019 antha strong ga try cheyakapovachu but they don't want CBN to raise again.Naaku telesi they are following 2 ways 1. Support Jaffa ....Last time laa police officers trasfer,restricting TDP resources ilantivi cheyochu..... 2. Alliance Trap.....Pawala gaditho feelers vadilaaru,TDP allaince kosam munduki vastundemo ani....Oka Vela TDP agree avuthe,either Pawala gadini CM ani condition pedataaru....leeda 50:50 seats sharing ani fitting pedataaru..Good that TDP ignored Pawala Edayena TDP ilaage aggressive ga people looki velali...
  7. Eedi meeda cartoon character design cheyochu!!!
  8. "odipoyina maaodu CM ee bro" batch....juss ignore
  9. Ee state TDP tappa evaru kapadaleeru ane nammakam kaligisthe...we can expect 125-135 seats to TDP without alliance....ade best case scenario
  10. Eedu oka 10 days your cheyagaane….Malli shooting caravan lo 10 days relax aye type…
  11. Alliance enduku....aa leaders ne konesthe.....everything is right in war.....appudu PRP......itu Janasena ....lo kooda other party leaders thone nadipustunaaru!!.. Alliance vunna Janasena K batch will not support TDP...one of my K friend toldme,they hate alliance with TDP to core ane.....2009 lo TRS tho alliance laa vuntundi....
  12. Buy second string strong janasena leaders for example bollisetty Srinivas from tadepalligudem from janasena……Bommidi Nayakar from Narasapuram….. Razole lo raapaka gelichadante….he is former MLA and knows how to do pole management….not with help of pilla sainiks!!
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