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  1. I personally feel the same, that's how wion news got more views, same with inews and ntv
  2. Villages lo kastam ga, same roof kinda multiple families untayi
  3. Not a good one, we should wish kids not to utter bad words
  4. Ekkada vachayyi GC's under Trump, look at the annual reports, and the last fiscal year, with in last quarter they accelerate the approvals.
  5. Will people vote him if ycp spend money in last 1 year? From all the liquor amounts
  6. As per govt its getting money in the form of tax
  7. eppudu ekkada rain padatado ela telsukovachu, edina website unda chudataniki
  8. Nagarjunasagar full aytey are we good for 2 years?
  9. malli idi eppudu open chestaru for enrollment..
  10. Pratidi jaggadi tho mudipettavadu.. aa 10k acres lo mana polam unte emchestaru
  11. Ee water ni drinking water ga use chestara?
  12. Publicity ledu...most of them are not aware of this one...govt should extend the program to enroll
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