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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tgbFbqrP5c
  2. World lo India, US maathrame unnattu chebuthunnave; what about people in japan, s korea, nz, etc? haven’t they acted sensibly??; Why do u need to compare with US always? kadupu ki moopputalla haayiga thinagaligevaadu aalolinchalsindi naaku nachinda Leda ani maathrame kadu mana society ki unnanthalo evaru baagacheyagalaru, bhavisthyathu enti ani aalochinchi mari choose chesukovali party ni......
  3. It’s not Jagan, Shameless people; 25 - 100 rate penchithe adi madhyam nirodinchataniki ante... aha oho... ani support chesthunna chaduvukunna yuvatha undi... Ekkada chaduvukunnaro gani... Mahanubhaavulu....
  4. In front there is crocodile festival emo.... Asalu ye maathram disappoint cheyatam ledu Jagan Anna & Co.
  5. To some extent this is true; But the bitter truth is, police will collect money for those who are present at the village also (Ex: For Parents); Even if you don’t give, they will ask and collect; In case if you try to collect some old document that’s it... Birth Certificate etc... Even after giving money, not sure when will U get the document. If you follow the rules and do everything in the right way it is very difficult to get things done in our current society; Inspite of all this, there will be additional benefits like humiliation etc....
  6. Evaranna norethithe unnadi koda oodiddi.... Masks adigina Doctor ki laaga.... So anni shut up & sit tight @home; The right leader for the right people;
  7. Sakshi paper alaage raasindi via KCR
  8. Mana thappunu ni koda pakkanodi mida thoyyatam common ayipoyindi prathi X gadiki.... Ee corona time lo koda manta aaraleda.... As CBN failed, people voted for their beloved leader; His failure ended by 2019 election results. If some x is still crying on him for what is happening for past 1 yr, then that x is their parents failure for sure... Everything happening after 2019 election results are Jagan and AP people’s (who voted for YCP) victories.... Celebrate it.....