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  1. Fun fact- YSRCP will not attack BJP even if it is contesting in alliance opposite to them… Evaru oppose chesthe vallaki ED vasthundhi..you don’t have a choice…
  2. Local parties are facing existential threat..simple reason is BJP with their majorities can suffocate them..any national party will do the same and Indira did the same…regional parties flourished for 20 years in vacuum but looks like there will be no space in absence of alliance. Type of alliance is also the call of national parties..CBN damaged BJP to huge extent or they would have asked the same of YSRCP in 2019… Look at macro level and not TDP in 2024 alone… Any regional party will be like CPI/CPm in many states once generation who saw their hay day move back..
  3. Ok so you are proud of sharing this idiots tweet. How can you?
  4. Ok all flourishment with less than 1 lakh loan..guess usd=inr now as Modiji promised…
  5. Same research report said it will raise 7X by 2047 but will be washed off by inflation…graphical propaganda…
  6. Opened the guys profile and first post I found.50Lakh souls are still orphaned without being counted as victims. Not sure how such maniacs can be quoted or mentioned. ” Rajeev Mantri @RMantri · Mar 14, 2020 My family physician in Kolkata said he has been practicing for 30+ years and has never seen Govt of India prepare and respond to a public health situation like it is for #covid19. He said things are happening on a “war footing” from the Govt.”
  7. Equal to lease than 1% of active connections and dealers. Most probably documentation errors or shortcuts..no details provided.. low level regulatory stuff is now proapaganda material..oh my Modi…
  8. Yes they started playing before other guys are in the ground…great players….
  9. Did India debt increase or decrease…just asking….when you give it is subsidy, when others give it is freebie…
  10. What is the point here?. That people voted in both cases? one recognized and moved on, what about other?
  11. Any state or national level..give 6 months to criticize..These KA BJP couldn’t wait 24 hours..why such a desparation?
  12. Ok. True facts are banned?. Just like how 50L COVID deaths became 5L under propaganda ministry… KA guys at least eat their own food..some CMs eat everyone else…
  13. Ukraine comedian also did, so what?. Congress is mostly in session and has nothing much to agree on..
  14. FAKE NEWS … Clarification issued today Dknt need to even wait if someone read the original content…
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