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DJ Tillu Square || Siddu || Anupama || March 29


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22 minutes ago, PavanTarak said:

No free ground.. next week Konda is coming with Mrunal as Family Star

adhi rod rambola ayyiddi uncle..... aa trailer chusthe vomting vastundi....deeni bad talk tillu ki baga + ayyiddi...

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2 hours ago, uma said:

free ground...summer.....water problem....so it may go till 75+... 6:30AM show ki kids velthe....kontha mandi rest rooms lo snanam chestunnaranta.......alaa untaadi water problem tho...


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5 hours ago, PavanTarak said:

Below average.

Not even 50% of part 1. I felt Humour/situations repetitive. Last lo twist edchinattu undhi..


trailer chusa felt same like part 1

but will go irrespective of talk

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2 minutes ago, God Of Masses said:

eedenti airpods cheviki kuttinchukunnada eenti, leekunda asalu kanapadatam ledhu

deaf emo uncle? latest cheviti machine emo...

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