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When IPL was start wayback in 2008, I was confused to choose my fav team.Choosing between Sachin, Ganguly, Dravid,Sehwag was not an easy task. Telangana movement was ON and I was never connected to Hyderabad.

The sole reason I choosed RCB was Katrina Kaif my fav actress then was the brand ambassador of RCB.

It all started there and over years this affliation has turned me into Kohli fanatic.

Every step of your career was a golden memory. As a kid I still remember the day I was glued to TV to watch Sachin break of Desmond Haynes. And today you have broken the record which was not dreamt by any Indian cricketer or Fan in their wildest dreams.

This high moment of your cricketing career also acknowledged by the great sachin will be a life time memory for every fan like me.

All good things also has to have an end, and I just feel this is the highest moment for a fans like to put a celebrating end to this journey of Virat Fan.

Yes I have some sour dreams like RCB cup, but some dreams are even good to be unfulfilled. 

Maybe my age might not give me a chance to be a Fan of another cricketer. But I can pass all these stories to next gen.

Thanks for  all this memorable journey VIRAT. Love you. ❤️ 




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Always admired Kohli. Started liking him when he scored those back to back hundreds chasing against Srilanka very early in his career. Could be his first two hundreds if I am not wrong. Later on, his fitness levels made me ardent follower. Yes, he shows attitude and wild celebrations. But that’s a package!

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HIs work ethic, passion, dedication most importantly running for the wins, makes him even more greater player than his stats

I still remember in T20 WC where yuvraj is struggling to play, this guy has taken us through all by himself

Will see this page again after finals

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32 minutes ago, Raaz@NBK said:


Kohli is all about consistency in ODIs doing same job on different surfaces day in and day out (8  50+ scores in 10 matches)

Only matches he failed are Pak & Eng

Pak match we are already in winning situation doesn't matter

Eng match he scored a 9 ball 0 and team struggled only managed 229 in that match

But thanks to Shami India managed to win that one too.

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