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CBN Arrest

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2 hours ago, TDP_Abhimani said:

Why this insecurity even after TDP put this much effort from 2019 loss....This arrest works in favour of TDP....almost 60% candidates declare chesaaru...alliance is conformed...ee jail matter of days or at Max weeks...

Pichodi chetille rayi la undi. Elaagu odipotadani ila chestunnadu

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10 hours ago, Chandasasanudu said:

ninna maaku oka pedhayana vachadu.....several KMs travel chesi.....holiday ki koothurni choodataniki germany vachadu anta....eenadu paper lo choosi ....frankfurt lo protest ani ...intlo vallu vaddu anna balavnthamga lakku vachadu anta...from tirupathi....manchi kasi meeda unnadu....alla ammai aputhundi...lekapothe manchi avesam ga cheppevadu.....CBN arrest is the best thing happened to TDP after very long time....intha kasi 94 lo kooda choodala


CBN arrest is big plus point... just before elections emotions shifted in favour of TDP, just play safe now ... easy victory 

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52 minutes ago, Eswar09 said:

etta CBN jail ki velladu ..ee jagan gadiki ee case lo Support chesina IAS officer andarini irkinchi dobbali ..Andarini aa CBN unna room lo ne veyyali..inkosari tappu cheyyalante bayapadali...

We are fighting and telling we are not at fault..

seriously there has to be a revolution..

many votes are missing..fake votes are being added..if this happens, there won’t be any democracy left

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10 minutes ago, NatuGadu said:

idhi mari comedy

YSR kaksha saadinchaleedha... enni cases pettadu

He just tried through court cases and withdrawn later but didn't try to humiliate him like how jagan did by arresting him without even prime investigation, late midnight Hungary followed by arrest, 10+ hours drive, again late midnight medical tests and driving back to cid office and then to court... almost they didn't allow cbn to go bed for more than 48 hours


This kind of revenge games are seen TN between Karunanidhi and Jayalalaitha.... never seen in AP politics 

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