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It guys about CBN one out of thousand ..just a sample


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For all working in IT in Hyderabad, you owe it to CBN. Your ego might not allow u to accept that fact. But it's true. 

People might say that Hyd was a metropolitan city during Nijam and CBN just built on top of that.

I was born and raised in Hyd. Nijam just developed the old city part. NTR developed until Panjagutta and Banjara hills to a certain extent.

What's old city now? A mini quasi Pak. hub?

In 1994, when TDP came into power, state was in deficit budget. Everything after Ameerpet was desert (literally). There were may be a dozen IT companies operating out of apartments :). All of them were off-shore sweat shops.

India was under sanctions at world level due to our nuclear tests. Still CBN traveled across to world bank, walked in and out of investor doors in US (all by himself carrying files) to bring investments into Hyd. 

He build the ecosystem for more IT companies to come. Airport, flyovers, Hi-Tech city, ISB, star hotels permissions etc. that allowed world class companies to open in Hyd.

SM Krishna was doing the same in Bangalore at that time. CBN literally took away lot of IT projects from Chennai during that time and remember Chennai had international airport. awesome road transportation, and built-in cosmo culture with top engineering colleges all over to produce abundant talent.

If CBN hadn't done what he did during that time, 80% of high paying IT jobs that are in Hyd now would have been in Chennai or Bangalore.


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