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  1. This is an attempt to create more euphoria videos like how they did during flash floods in Kadapa. They will use some fake artists and party crowds and show people praising Jaggad for Navaratnalu. Next, propaganda will start using those videos. Finally, IPAC team will take care of the rest. Anyways, people who are anti will not be able to vote in next elections. By this time, Jaggad's team might have clearly identified who will vote for them through their volunteer system. Anyone neutral or anti will not find their vote in next elections
  2. Ee RRR pichi fruit aa, yerri fruit aa? Jaggad party is funding UP elections in the backend. RRR says he has strong relations with MoSha and he’s planning to join BJP and recontest. Realistically speaking, he will loose and truly understand the meaning of politics after his loss
  3. Musaladu time capsule lo undipoayada endi
  4. In politics there are no permanent friends and enemies. Having said that, stay away from BJP as much as possible in its current state.
  5. Inka road meedaki raavalsinde police batch okkate, Teachers, students, doctors, gov. employees, movie industry, business people andarni naakinchesadu
  6. Cinema shooting set lo cell phone ban chesinattu, next time casino lo cell phone cheste chalu. Ilaanti problems undav
  7. Jaggad schemes anni ila untayi. Evadiki istunnado, evadiki peekutunnado, antha okate
  8. How did Vajpayee get a positive economy Did he create any innovative economic policies? He built on top of what MMS did in 90s. MMS successfully navigated through 2008 recession. M gov. pushed all their economic disasters on Covid.
  9. Deenamm@ comedy, M ni MMS tho comparing aaa Objective ga 3 points cheppagalara, where M did a better job than MMS for Indian economy Also, for all those sitting and typing in western countries, don't ever forget it was M's and PVR's economic policies that gave you this platform in 90s. At least, learn to give credit where it's due.
  10. Okka press meet petti, questions answer cheya manandi, enthati monagado telustadi
  11. Next elections lo veellaki runa mafi antademo.
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