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  1. hmm...ayithe SC lo kuda middle finger chupistarannamaata
  2. Evaraina interest unte ravachu ani daani ardam. Leka pothe side lo kurchovachu, adi vaalla istam.
  3. Party eppudu andaridi. Vachi pani chestam ante vaddu anaru. Ala kaakunda ego ki poyi, nannu adagali, nenu cheppinatte cheyyali ante workout avvadu. Mulla kireetam mose vaadiki telustadi daani noppi. Pakkana kurchoni alagachu, vanda cheppachu.
  4. If this materializes, then no power sharing. BJP will bring back YCP into power again.
  5. Jaggad's last resort is a complete election hijack. Apart from that, there's no hope for him even if his core vote bank votes for him
  6. I don’t think Canada president is being truthful and transparent here. Added to that, I really doubt Indian secret service of carrying out an operation like this .
  7. Delhi velli police officers promotions to all Kammas ani open ga lie chesadu. CBN ki against ga bye bye babu ani count down counters pettinchadu. pink diamond annadu kamaraavathi annadu. he always side tracked everyone with rumors. Em peekaru.
  8. Manam chattam thana pani thaanu chesukupotadi anukuntam. Jaggad chattam naa chuttam anukuntadu.
  9. Jaggad ki kuda telsu vaadi meeda full anti undani. Anduke full CBN meeda focus pettadu. Opposition lo unnappude CBN and TDP ki chukkalu chupinchadu. Now he's in power. He has EC and police under his control for elections. Unless YCP core vote bank votes against him, we cannot expect a miracle.
  10. There are two scenarios BJP is trying to play by putting CBN and potentially Lokesh in jail until the elections. 1. Make CBN desperate, he will bow down and agree to an alliance with approx. 60 seats to BJP-JSP. Even if TDP alliance forms gov. with this strategy, then they will collapse the gov. by joining hands with Jaggad. Same as how they have been doing in other states. 2. If CBN does not accept, then he will be in jail. This will result in bad electioneering, candidate selection for TDP and dent their chances of winning. We are clearly seeing TDP with a lack of leadership now. Lokesh is busy trying to release CBN and avoid his arrest. No one is really leading from the front for electioneering and candidate selection process.
  11. Sharmila janaallo tiringindi. She kept the sentiment alive. Now with Lokesh in Delhi and potential arrest on his head, who's leading the party and taking sentiment into people During 83 crisis, CBN did the exact same thing. He handled everything on the ground when NTR was fighting in Delhi.
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