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  1. Modi managed Muslim Mullahs and ensured they do not pursue the case stronger in SC. That's why it got settled.
  2. Veedi taapatrayam alla aa Annapurna studios ni denotify chesi dabbulu dandukovaalani. Daani kosam emaina chestadu
  3. Covid is a long forgotten disaster now. If it had happened during election year, tragic memories would have been fresh in people's minds. Now So, I am sure 2024 will be Har Har again
  4. If every month, it’s 20th, then it’s fine. I see no problem.
  5. 90% of politicians' youth kids are same in India. This guy's exposed. That's it.
  6. Very loyal to party. Local ga situation support cheyaka poyina, baaga fight chestaru.
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