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  1. 2022 Summer varaku world wide hikes and inflation chustam. Daanni mana Modi vaaru 2023 varaku laagutaaru
  2. Bendu teeyatam TDP vallaki teleedemo Even in TDP's rule there were some instances where Police behaved beyond their responsibilities. Police will always do this for every gov. in power.
  3. Police antene ruling gov. slaves kada. They will do anything
  4. JP made a lot of money in the backend. His son studied under grad in US will full tuition paid by JP. Not an easy task for a person who has no job in India
  5. Counter enduku veyyali. Hindutva ki M emanna patent holder a. Anyone can recite these slokas and use them
  6. In my opinion, yes they are fools to support such mega commercial operation Sadhguru is running. Also, I used to be his follower. But after realizing his double standards, I changed my opinion. He's nothing but a stooge for the central gov. If you want to provide enlightenment to your followers, do it as Ramana Maharshi did. He did not charge anything for people visiting him. Yet, he's one of the most revered modern saints. Do you know the rates Sadhguru charges and how he uses that money? It's all a black box. Sadhguru can go and talk at UN, he can go and give talks in
  7. Pure selfish fellows, along with Sadhguru. They exploit people's weakness and stress by charging them bombs of money. They are running a pure business model in the name of spirituality.
  8. Govt. managed co-working spaces will be like gov. offices. No one will work there
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