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  1. BJP will not get a majority on its own this time. It will emerge as the single largest party. NDA will eventually come into power. BJP is going to pay a heavy price for rising unemployment and essential goods price hike.
  2. Villages lo pani leni vaallu, arugula meeda kurchoni arey vaadu veedni annadu, veedu vaadni annadu ani pullalu pedataru. Atta undi ee speech Nuvvem peekavo cheppi votes adukkoka, evado edo annaadaani gillutaav endi ra babu
  3. konni tokalu life long vankara gaane untayi
  4. Actually, it shows their childish nature. Even if PK gets home, he's still under CBN who's ultimate authority in decisions. If PK wants to keep his autonomy and respect, then he should not take any ministry and let one of his MLAs join the cabinet. That will go a long way for him. Usually, people who hold power like that are perceived as more powerful. Just like Bala Saheb and Sonia did.
  5. Jaggad scammed lacs of crores in the last 5 years. He's now leaving the country hoping he can't win. He's obviously leaving the country with central gov. agencies' help. Will he ever come back? In case, he doesn't get a favorable central gov. in next term, he could not return for a long time.
  6. Chintamaneni ki Home ichi vadalandi YCP meeda ki Leda speaker ivvali
  7. Seema lo conflict ki scope ledu ga. Jaggad king all the way.
  8. Last time elections lo TDP ki kuda ilaage favor ga judgement vachindi. Flip cheste, Jaggad sweep chesadu. Janaalu money teesukunna, vaallu decide aipotaru already.
  9. Evadi publicity, marketing vaadidi
  10. Jagan manifesto nachi employees gumpuluga votes vesaru ani talk
  11. BJP alone single majority in the center is impossible. It will surely be an NDA coalition.
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