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  1. Udhav does not seem to have lot of respect on the ground level. He stayed away from ground realty for too long and got exploited.
  2. People are more corrupted and divided now than ever. So, it's hard to relive days like that. Added to that, TDP is losing traction with youth.
  3. In Bengal and Delhi wins, there's one common point. PK worked for the winning party. Jaggad has double force behind him, PK's publicity tactics and BJP's back end support. Kejriwal laanti vaade PK ni pettukunnadu to counter BJP. TDP still using age old publicity tactics.
  4. Nope. BJP manages Election Commission to create a polling schedule favorable to YCP. They will post a dummy Election Commissioner for the state during elections who will hurt TDP and do whatever YCP wants since he will have ultimate power during elections. Additionally, YCP is going to delete all TDP favor votes with the help of Election Commission as well. They will poll fake votes in place of the deleted votes. YCP did all the above when it was in opposition last time. So, imagine what they can do when they are in power. Without BJP’s support before and during elections, YC
  5. You are forgetting Jaggad factor. BJP on its own is nothing. But you add Jaggad like factionist into the equation, things change real fast. Jaggad is like a catalyst. If BJP can find leaders like Jaggad in every state where they are weak, then they will stay in the backend and do as they helping Jaggad now.
  6. Mahindra licking ruling gov without salt. He’s being considered for RBI governor post. It will be another disaster in making.
  7. Karma has a long list to fulfill. I hope this is just the beginning
  8. Inka evaru digale, sliced bread tarvata best invention ide ani
  9. Capital and polavaram are not sentiment anymore. Only caste and cash.
  10. This is just the beginning. Elections time ki deenni pedda communal riot ki convert chesi votes polarization ki sketch vestaru.
  11. Nagadu badili padhakam remix version laa undi
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