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  1. Rajesh should continue his attitude against PK. There will be required balance.
  2. Mosha inherently are tough nuts to crack. Their bargaining skills are usually superior to everyone else. Trump on several occasions said Modi negotiates really hard. Going with JS was the correct decision for this election. I hope CBN is thinking long-term for TDP.
  3. There's a historical reason for that. Hindu Women in the North used to cover their heads due to atrocities from invaders. Covering their heads and faces was the first line of defense they could implement by themselves. That practice eventually converted into a habit and tradition.
  4. Already cheppindi ga, NTR ki Jagan e varasudu ani
  5. Chedu ni chevilo cheppali, manchini mike lo cheppali ani Sirio garu chepparu ga. Mari twitter and insta lo em cheppali 😀
  6. Ee pilla gaallaki protocol emi telsu le. Bikku bikku manta untaru. EO jump, incharge EO em chestadu
  7. Yes, veedu Manchiki chestunnado, vetakaram chestunnado ardam kavatla Leader kastallo unnappudu deka ledu, ippudemo bhajana modala pettadu. Too much pressure.
  8. Bro, everyone can have their own perspective. As long as it does not harm anybody, why do we care ?
  9. Vaitla's comedy timing used to be awesome. Venky, Sontham inka repeat lo vestaru chala mandi. Brahmi confusion template pattukoni bokka aipoyadu
  10. We should not make fun of this. It's their culture.
  11. NBK always clear in his thought process. He wanted to help the party until 2014 and he did that. He wanted to be MLA after that. He did that. If he wants to be a minister, no one can stop him. It's his choice.
  12. Kamal still in politics but not active. Rajni out of politics due to health reasons.
  13. CBN meeda hopes and expectations peak lo unnayi. 90s lo Sachin batting laaga
  14. dusukochadu


    Nannu ikkada enduku kurcho pettaru annattu pettaru face
  15. There will be so many nominated and cabinet rank posts to accommodate others.
  16. Ee sari kuda maa GBC and Dhulipalla ki hand e na
  17. Mogan uncle NBK quota invitation emo
  18. First CBN discussion cheyyali, next NKR and family discuss cheyyali. Ee lopu swearing in aipoddi
  19. Malli BRS Loki first jump kottedi veede.
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