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  1. GVL YCP ki trouble shooter kada,. ee kotha angle endi
  2. Asala Karnataka lo BJP funding motham mining mafia nundi vastundi since last 20 years. BJP talking about corruption is utter joke
  3. Atu itu thippi supari ichindi TDP vaalle antaaremo
  4. Jaggad has some good time on his side. Elections are still 3 years away and lot of things can change in the meanwhile to favor him.
  5. That's OK. Central Gov. is implying to state govs. that you can lie to me, I will accept and publish the same lie as long as I am not liable. If there's credit to be taken, then the Central Gov. will pull it out of your throat and claim as their own. If there's blame to be taken, then they will accept any BS from states without doing their due diligence.
  6. Anniti kante comedy entante 2017 lo PK YSRCP ki social media campaign start chesinappudu, “we have our social media under Lokesh. He’s Stanford. Tokki padestadu” ani statements icharu TDP vaallu. Cut cheste inka ade mode unnattu unnaru Truth is PK started campaign against Lokesh in 2015 itself
  7. Last Parliament session - no record of any migrant deaths This Parliament session - no record of any lack of oxygen death Next Parliament session - India was never impacted by anything called Covid. It was a dream.
  8. Eemeni 2 times gelipinchinanduku aa constituency voters ki danda veyyali
  9. Ee BJP mund@ kodukulu prapancham lo andaru India centric ga bathukutaaru anukuntaara endi. They should realize India as a country is very weak on world stage. There’s no reason for anyone in the west to target India. Everyone in the west is apprehensive about China not India.
  10. PK phone lo kuda pettesi untaru. Anduke BJP ki longipoyaadu
  11. Moham Meeda ucha posi votes adagataaniki adi AP anukunnara, that’s Punjab. Vaallaki rosham ekkuva.
  12. Baadshah lo MS Narayana ki vese dialogue. Hero kante mee making ekkuva undani antunnaru
  13. RG ki pappu label ichindi veede ga.
  14. Super star Kitti, Padmalaya ni commercial real estate chesesaadu ga. Technically you are not allowed to do that since he got that studio land for film development from Cong. gov. for cheap price (Just like ANR for Annapurna). Vijaya Shanti and Harish Rao did the settlement. So, Kitti will never speak a word against any political party
  15. There are high chances for PK coalition next time to split votes based on anti-incumbency on current gov. Even though AP people are fed up with Jaggad, their ego will not allow them to vote for TDP (either Lokesh or CBN). So, they will fill that gap with PK. PK is getting popular among SCs and BCs these days. He really doesn't have to do anything. He just needs to be there as an alternative. That's it. Jaggad also will increase the amount he will distribute as part of all freebies. Since elections are 3 years away, if inflation is controlled, then increased freebies amount mi
  16. No matter how much you reshuffle a deck of Jokers, you will always get a Joker
  17. Ee Ram Madhav ni edo political strategist laaga covering baaga icharu. M tarvaata antha ego unna candidate vaade BJP lo GVL is YCP covert anyways. As long as he's with BJP, he will continue to voice YCP's agenda.
  18. NTR, ANR, Shivaji Ganesan, MGR, Dev Anand, Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, Raj Kumar (Kannada), and Prem Nazir (Malayalam) were the first generation of Super Stars across India. With Dilip Kumar's death, that great era is a bygone now.
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