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  1. Jaggad own family cases ki begging kakunda, pakka state cases ki direction kuda istunnada Seems like he’s white collar criminal think tank for Baffas.
  2. Mee BJP bathiki undataaniki reason ee NTR a
  3. Already aarogya sri ani chepte, naasi rakam treatment istunnaru. Ippudu complete ga teesi dobbaru
  4. TDP basically trying to find an easy way to come into power even if it’s unethical. Today we are missing the founding principles of the party. If the party moves away from its founding principles and just wants to come into power to continue nepotism, then it should learn a lesson from what happened to Shiv Sena I am not even sure of they realize that there’s no scope for development in AP anymore. All they need to do is maintain decent laws and order and rule state on autopilot freebies. So TDP is really not required in power in AP.
  5. Giving support to BJP same as sleeping with snake. Why even bother to come into power after what they did during 2014-19 term TDP should not behave like a conventional political party and try to come to power by hook or crook. If TDP is afraid of BJP’s power in the center, then it should basically appease Adani. BJP basically supports YCP for Adani’s business gains in AP. Instead of licking BJP, TDP should just side with Adani and move on.
  6. M’s entire North Indian agenda around religion and Pak hate
  7. KA is rich state na. Lot of revenue out of Bangalore, Mysore, TN border area. States in India going same route as Argentina and Brazil did in mid 90s and early 2000s. Look where are they now. Argentina economy complete collapse in 1 term of freebee politics.
  8. Avinash arrest might not happen. I trust MoSha and CBI
  9. BJP can come to power anytime they want. Elections are only one avenue for them to come to power
  10. Vayasu meeda padindani peddayana ayyada Pedda Manishi panulu kuda cheyyali
  11. Ramoji ooka lo eeka kuda peeka leru
  12. I think BJP will keep dragging this until they can have full leverage on Dora.
  13. If congress stops Delhi-based politics and does local politics, it can stop BJP from foul playing post elections. If for every decision, cong has to depend on Delhi, then it’s a lost game.
  14. ED cases lo anticipatory bail undadu.
  15. Adani meeda attack same as India meeda attack. Similarly, Kachara will say attack on his family is attack on TG.
  16. If it comes to being a threat to M’s power, then Adani will be under the bus in no time. There’s nothing above in this world for M than his power and ego
  17. SEBI and it’s equivalent in US as well are grossly incompetent. The point is how strongly third parties are able to rise these issues and how effectively and autonomously institutions are working.
  18. The irony of this whole situation is: we needed a US based firm to actually show the shit and point our noses into it. Until then Adani would have been an undisputed king. Either we don’t have capable investment firms who can whistleblow a fraud or everyone is shit scared to talk in so-called world’s largest democracy.
  19. Ambani did lot of scams and stock manipulation during late 70s and early 80s. There was no regulation during that time. So he could do that. Now, Ambani is regulated and he cannot do same stuff again. Adani is trying to replicate the same. But now times are different and he’s getting exposed. It’s matter of timing between Ambani and Adani.
  20. Adani group has $8B USD debt to Chinese investors. If they go down, then who’s going to pay that debt? As part of Atma Nirbhar, will every Indian pool money to payback Chinese
  21. Orders do not mean anything until they are actually executed. Count of orders are used to manipulate bots in the market.
  22. https://m.economictimes.com/?back=1
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