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పూజారులను చితకబాదిన ఆలయ చైర్మన్ |YCP Leader Attack On Priests


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YSRCP for SC/ST/Converted/Reddy and BJP for Hindus.  BJP wants to dent majority vote share of TDP.  They are playing well.

If people fall into this trap,  TDP address undadu next elections ki. Unfortunately "religion" and "caste" are very powerful political weapons :(

I pray for some sense to prevail ...

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6 hours ago, Uravakonda said:

Manakendhuku mastaru. Vallu vallu eppatikaina okate.

Valla party kabatti, elections ki mundhu Dallas lo brahmana kula sangham meeting ettukoni YRUS ke mana vote ani ninadhincharu. ivanni tea cup lo thufanulu. Take it lite ya. 

Kottinchukunnodiki, valla kulaniki leni noppi manakela?

true. edho anthargatha apohalu laaga unnayi. ave sardhukuntayi. avasaramaithe anna sari chesthadu.

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