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  1. Frankly speaking - north is dominated national politics - I have many friends from North - 99% of them don’t know the name NTR/MGR etc It could be lack of media then…. While NTR is no doubt a great personality to have lived and will continue to live.
  2. Anni Vyavasthalani manage chese CBN ki idi em difficult kaadu jokes apart - I don’t know how many state level (to some extent national level influential political leaders) were recommended for BharatRatna ? If it’s given to someone , then NTR should get it. Otherwise it will create a mess especially in a country like India where there 15+ languages and 100s of cultures . For my knowledge, I will also cross check the backgrounds of all those who got this award till date
  3. Already oka BJP dwag started - seems they want Vangaveeti name and not NTR
  4. NewDistrict formation is not possible until central govt takes up census This is just another game and picchi public
  5. I don’t think so bro… he shouts a lot .. what I meant by emotion is “pulling masses irrespective of all ages over some issue and gather trust that I am the solution for the issue”. For example, Am 100% sure if some Kapu leader is able to bring emotion to bring all Kapus under one roof that guy will rule the state. Compare this with TG, Aatma Gauravam, Annochaadu, 2014 Modi campaign etc etc - what Pawan did is not even 1% to bring the emotion
  6. Indian public ki logic kante emotion important NTR - Telugu emotion over Congress KCR - Telangana emotion over Telugu / Andhra YSRCP - All castes emotion over Kamma Modi - Hindu emotion over Minorities Emotion lekunda , development agenda tho velle leaders tho connect undadu... It is fact and TDP is losing its ground there. We need drastic change to garner and build emotional trust ... Once emotionally connect aythe, rest all is jujibi... Kottina Tittina love is love Emotion is Emotion
  7. Money Sarigga panchaledu last time … Infact panchanivvaledu …YCP ki free hand whereas TDP faced lots of problems from authorities… towards the end , he also seemed lost and gave up…for some reason he did not trust TDP cadre also to distribute money … probably there were enough clues that “ground is set for ysrcp to win”
  8. Ee Vishayam lo kulapicchi tho Kallu musukupoyi mind Pani Cheyyani batch mathrame ilanti comments chestaarani ankukune vadini but aa paina konta mandi comments chusthe - NTR did a blunder and he paid for it - isn’t this as simple as this
  9. claim is "18 hours work chestaadu" But his makeover, glow in face, styling etc etc chusthe... he should be sleeping and focusing on grooming for atleast 6-8 hours.
  10. Vyshya community lo emaina change vastunda Jaggadi confidence Enti ??? How is he planning to win again ??? Some game plan is there - Mosha Gana emaina malleee helping chestaara eediki ???
  11. Leader lo “Rice Free” concept laaaga chestademo… Mana AP VPs em chestaaro???
  12. I guess from now he will relax few things - more favourable towards masses mana pejaneekam marchipoyi malleee jagga ke vote vestaara??? Antha veesey naa??
  13. Nominal charges to run schemes after that next govt
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