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  1. maga gents aakada unna Aada lady police ni handling - papam police kashtaalu
  2. Airport ye... first few frames in that video lo konni flights unnai ???
  3. Is it inside airport ? Where is the chant “vandemataram” coming from ? Can someone use a mic inside airport ? And why so many people are standing around airport - is it allowed ?
  4. Ee chiru & co ki kaneesam siggu anipinchatam Leda ??? 😳
  5. Artham Kaledu... jyotilakshmi post. mallee cheppandi
  6. Story not based on true incidents.... Before BJPee: we will give special status to Puducherry if we come to power (in alliance with regional party) Puducherry : 😊 yeah take power. After coming to power Puducherry: special status ? BJPee: ********* Puducherry: special status ? BJPee: Technical issues , we will give more funds Puducherry: obligated to agree. OK. Give funds equivalent to Status BJPee: fantastic allocation on paper Puducherry: pls implement Puducherry: pls implement Puducherry: pls implement BJPee: we have done everything and nothing pending from us. Do you want defence budget also to be given to you?😎 Puducherry: %^*^%^**^>$£££*^^%%😳 Entire nation: Puducherry is very greedy, they are asking defence budgets.😂 Puducherry: *^^^**+*%%%**^^** 🤬😳 BJPeee: Hahahaha... we did the same to AP. Idiots trusted us again ... In this country, as long as religion is the key , we can do anything with so*** india where we have 0 stakes. Don’t care 😝, we anyways won’t win here so can promise anything and enjoy power with alliance partners Ps: If you relate to the above story line , it is a pure coincidence.
  7. Worlds best business analyst doing his job analysing information in newspaper and correlating other data points from Mac and matching conclusions with two half read books This is real and this man is genius...
  8. Original or fake Pakkana ..... bhaktudu kakapothe duplicate ani fix ayyara Enti ??? 😂
  9. It is “PK 2014” product VS “PK 2021” product 😂
  10. Power lo unnapdu CBN enemies cheskunnadu - ok ? ee Modi Bodo bidi bokadiya Gaadiki power lo unnapdu andaru friends Mari ? CBI IT ED etc etc. lekunda election gelavaleni sannasi ... Prashant kishor lanti marketing strategist ni introduce chesina bhumchik gaadu... vellaki enemies leru ani mee Guddi nammakam Okkasari power pothe appudu untadi meeku... ayna power podhuga ee chandalapu batch ki... daani kosam emaina chestaaru sannasulu meanwhile let’s read “bal narendra” and bolo Jai fakendra bokadia
  11. Oh my Jayasurya... what nonsense anyways ipac lekapothe ee Mosha batch ekkada untaaro
  12. Indian constitution antha chetta inkokati undademo ? Election expenses lo idi antha endku count cheyyaru ? This guy creates a perception and proves "Perception is Reality" God save Indian democracy...this is too much...
  13. When the leadership in insecure .... enni ayna cheppandi, cheyyandi......they will never listen to others or promote others When the leadership is strong.....enni ayna cheppandi, cheyyandi....then also they will not do anything but will do everything (good) as per their data & gut So the bottomline is - is the leadership strong ? If it is strong, let us not worry - it will bounce back at the right time. Opposition lo unnapdu, so called MASS and STRONG leader Jagga lost Nalgonda...
  14. Cong meeda edchinappudu ee lekkalu anni ekkadiki vellayi? They must be true then also. Modi speech sir ... speech anthe manam andaram edchamu cong meeda ... under the influence of Modi and BJP IT cell 😂
  15. Modi - increase in prices is due to previous governments policies Modi - Corona vaccination capability and export is also...... No No No... it is me