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Avanthi Srinivas meeting with Jagan today!


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3 minutes ago, ask678 said:

Good guess...anything possible 

Ganta, Thota, Avanti, Modhugala...etc caste haji batch

Can't trust them

Ganta ki mana party kante goppa respect and benifits YSRCP lo dakkavu but additional advantage emitante KCR dwara telangana lo lands, factories ext... Lantivi yera veyochu jagga gadu. So aa batch mottam poyina ascharyam ledu.

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34 minutes ago, ask678 said:

2014 lo CBN ni chusi vote vesaru coastal lo...Avanti,  Thota, etc....scrap valana no use to party.

Govt ki positive vote unte evaru vellina no issues

be realistic. your bhajan won't help cbn / tdp . cbn is not NTR to win elections with his charishma . mla candidate also matters.

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