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  1. Visited this place recently... necklace road lagha hangout place ayyindi...
  2. Direct ga vachesthai.... no spl use of Machumarri
  3. Thinking in the right direction... stupids think about only today, leaders think about future...
  4. yekkada chusi cheptunnaru..... Udayagiri lo padinda leda ...yela chudatam
  5. People elect government based on their trust... It should be in govts hand, evarikanna isthey vallu cheyaru ani guarantee yenti?? Bcci emaindi? Andaru dobbi tintunnaru vachina money ni...
  6. What if Modi loots it, or trust loots it?? Foolish argument... Nee argument prakaram, desam trust chetiki ivvali.... Better icheyandi...
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