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  1. Vaccine indians kanukkunnaru ante ...No No...foul...sariga trails cheyyalani addukunnaru......vaccine drive (yes there is shortage) cheste.. No No lekkalu tappu...lockdown pedithe tappu...pettakapothe tappu.... Anyway I took vaccine but status in app not updated..so how govt is drawing report is interesting.....
  2. Yes 30%muslims in Bengal saved the country...what a Matasamarasyam DIDI🙏
  3. Yes KCR👌 CBN says he rejected the Opportunity given last time🙏 Gr8 for indian future😆
  4. Take it easy..Ee edupulu aagavu😂. Majority andaru next time kooda BJP ni gelipistaru...
  5. Fan/ AC/Bhajana...Ivi wrong I'm against that....90% belong to abv n make mistakes..u shd look at larger picture in life..just my opinion...don't angry with me bro...
  6. Let the show go on mate...we can fight but people decide whether they like pakodi or chai...
  7. Yes a chaiwala was born coz of gr8ness of Nehruji/ Indiraji....
  8. It's still live n ruling country....may be mosha realized how people treat them if they were as nice as Atal ji / Advani...
  9. AP is one son/ daughter of India Bro...happens in every family...Whoever hadles it well wl be successful with grace of God......
  10. Think peacefully for 3 mins....u wl get answer who is responsible for this?
  11. Appudu klanti Manchi options leka...
  12. That is your perception..no debate...indians gave him even more seats in 2019..