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CBN Arrest


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1 hour ago, Muskism said:

CBN will be back, rel ayye varuku obviously party cadre focus antha babu pine untundi, but silent ga votlanni lepestuntaru ee gap lo,.. eesari tdp odipotaniki edanna karanam unte adhi votes deletion aee,.. PK is out of equation,..

neutrals need to be educated properly on this issue. I think cadre is already working. 

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4 hours ago, baggie said:


Ilanti vallani baga support chesi power ivvali....pasa leni piriki vallaki kakunda

Mathi smithithangaane unda? Past 5yrs ga jariginavi, ippudu jarigevi chusi koda Ee maata antunnara……. 
CBN ni irikinchina prathi stage lonu undi ‘R’ tag unna batch ye…. Top to Bottom; Even from BJP….. Kishan Reddy is also involved ani talk…. Avinash case ki maathram fully supported…. Paiga aa YCHEAP nunchi monne vachina athani encourage cheyyala? Alanti panulu chesthe Aa devudu koda kaapadaledu…..
I am not against any community but the truth is 80% “R” tag batch is fully supporting Jaffa (still) & infact they are enjoying his acts….. Even well educated & settled r like that….. Don’t know y they have so much grudge on CBN.

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13 minutes ago, eNterTaineR said:

After this nonsense, decided to travel to india and vote :dream: if possible work kooda cheddham anukuntunna couple of weeks for party :dream: 

Me too. కుదిరితే ఒక నెల రోజులు సెలవులు పెట్టి ఐనా నాకు చేతనైనంత ప్రచారం చేద్దామనుకుంటున్నాను. ఆయన ఋణం ఈవిధంగానైనా కొంత తీర్చుకోవాలనుకుంటున్నాను. 

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Ilanto opportunity TDP ki inko chance raadu .                                                                                                         Use this opportunity and plan more protests like this in the entire AP.

Public like this sentiment and emotional politics :super:   

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18 minutes ago, Nandamurian said:

Bhayata areas lo kooda plan ceyyali ee area anni shelters vey ley ani kotti paarestaaru… many areas and most of the  hyd benefited by TDP hope they show that gratitude 

Bus stand thaggara , Railway stations thaggara , airports thaggara chesi YT reels chesi thippali 

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