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😁 pinkybad

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15 minutes ago, Uravakonda said:

Water emi peddaga raledhu kada, why this tweet?

Ninda munagala yendhi...pilla dora overaction n before 2019 Amaravathi under construction temp సెక్రటేరియట్ ki chesina over action..

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1 hour ago, LION_NTR said:

Maadhi maaggaaVaale. Pakkanodi sothu bhee maake gaavaale :dance8:


i.e. the core desperation behind TG agitation!

AP people ye anukunte…… TG people antha kante pedda verri pappalu avuthaaru ga repu BRS ki vote vesthe….. :laughing:

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9 hours ago, Mobile GOM said:

Chinna mukkodu varshalu padina roju twitter lo tweets vundavu. Malli veedu pakka state meeda comments. Akkada edo podichi nattu


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