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Roads !!! LOL


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Maa tappemi ledu ... Jaggadu.  

----  pending bills 1Lakh 20 thousand crores and counting.  

CFMS bill upload option kooda teesesaru.  

Ante eppudu contractor evadina work complete cheste  ... vaadu life kukka batukavvuddi.  


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1 hour ago, Nfan from 1982 said:

I think no contractor will come forward to do any kind of work in AP as per the present trends 

100% advance isthe chestharu aemo. 

Advancement isthe anni contracts YCP valle teesukoni work aipoindi ani close chestaru 

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20 minutes ago, OneAndOnlyMKC said:



Haha. JN road in Rajahmundry. Ee road meeda nenu roju velta. Too worst ga undi. Recent ga drainage work avutundi. Drainage aithe complete ayyindi kani road alane vadilesaru. Chukkalu kanipistunayi. Hope they complete it soon. Tilak road kuda alage undi.

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