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Masters @ UK and USA

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COVID trevel restriction valla Australia lo Masters ki everu velletamledu. UK ki ippudu baga demand vundi. USA also back to form as pre 2018.

If anyone intrested please ping me, happy to assist from our consultancy V1 Overseas.

We can use this thread to discuss on foreign education.



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2 hours ago, Nfan from 1982 said:

Ha. Nenu adhe anukunna bro. But someone told me that it can be done with some additional payment. It’s like donation seat here in our states. That’s why I asked here!

try cheyyadam lo tappu ledu... but US lo work culture ki expectations ki prep ga undandi.... its not difficult to succeed....  good luck!

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1 hour ago, Vinay NTR said:

Come to Canada. i am 32. Got my citizenship 3 years ago. Now moved to US on TN permit

Naku us visa 10 yr back 3 times rejected  inka us visa radu naku telisi canada plan chedam anukuna ikkada undi ( india) pr ki plan cheyocha

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