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  1. ee db lone konni pichi kukkalu unnayi.. verri pushpalu
  2. ne yabba, desam sankanipotunte .. inka mee pichi lokam lo untaru endi ra? srsly baboi.... meeru adanai ambani ki relatives or bjp and ycp re 5 batch? cheppandi ra howle.. inko pawala ekuva istam
  3. pichollu, bhakts.. oke category mental hospitals .. ledu ledu.. terrorists organizations lo unnaru ee batch mottam .
  4. Come to Canada. i am 32. Got my citizenship 3 years ago. Now moved to US on TN permit
  5. Canada ki emaina help kavalante, let me know
  6. Boys will not have so much pressure from their parents to stop studying. Girls ki konni villages lo ika chadivindi chalu le antaru. This thing might help the cause
  7. Modi takes money from entire India and develops Gujarati and Maharashtra. Adi vadi plan. That's it.
  8. Yeah ground alane unchite better. Especially for exhibitions book festival etc. Kani trees penchchahu out field lo and walking ki track veyachu. Or complete ga multi functional chesese better. So that every one can own it
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