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Just now, Naresh_NTR said:

Followed Lose weight app for daily for exercises....

1glass probably 300ml Honey Lemon warm water aftrer brushing

Used to eat saffolla oats 38gms packet for brk fast...

Had cut down rice in the afternoon to half the amount what i used to eat

stopped coffee and tea...

Dinner 2 chapathis

95 to 78 in 3 months and maintaining 83 with regular food and no exercise. 

Brunch ki 3 egg whites and evening snacks time ki evanna vegetables or fruits..

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after 10 years strated doing exercise. my fav skipping ye start chesa. targets antu em ledu., just for confidence building. mari mind weak avutonde day by day. so to regain confidence start chesa. daily 30 mins vigorous workout., skipping matram 1000 skips per day. remaining time lo pushups, squats, jumping etc doing. 10 days avutonde, ok now body confidence came back..

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