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  1. Ee candidate ki asala 2019 ticket ela icharo Full anti vachesindi appatike.
  2. Personal vendetta is a small factor I think. Most of the BJP leaders have gotten used to bribe money and favors from Visa R. Many of M's relatives and his friends received lot of favors from Visa R like vehicle dealerships, construction contracts etc. with money provided by Visa R. On top of that CBN does not have the power he used to have anyways.
  3. BJP has bright chances for 3rd stint at the center. Not because of their strength and performance but because of weak opposition. There isn't a single person or party that can be projected as an alternative. Please don't say Mamta didi
  4. Ee Kundabaddalu candidate asala separate dream machine lo untadu
  5. Ante clouds levu kada. So Modi theory pani cheyadu
  6. Awesome, ee year end varaku set Next year ki inko plan vestaru.
  7. He claimed CBN insulted him when he went to invite him for this bio-tech company opening. He's complete anti-CBN but close to NBK.
  8. Veediki asala veedi college students respect ela istaru
  9. Paisal baane ichadu le party ki appudu
  10. Nijamgane bail cancel auddani anukunnara they just played a game to pass time and divert attention from serious issues.
  11. CBN cannot take care of everything. He worked extremely hard to develop the state and discarded party affairs. It’s true that party cadre and some key leaders got ditched. But I find Lokesh at fault. Lokesh should have managed party cadre and activities. Instead of that, he focused on bringing in other party candidates into TDP and pushing high profile candidates to RS.
  12. People like speculations that satisfy their ego
  13. Bro. every country has internal development, socio political issues. Owing to that we should not say we will not contribute to weaker foreign nations. India being a major country in Asia should do these kinds of development and help for poorer nations in South East Asia. Especially to gain some international power status. That's what China does. Look at how China gets involved with nations to gain control over South China sea. Actually, China is now doing this by hook or crook method as well. They recently caused labor and export crisis for Australia and NZ. Of course,
  14. If we have to counter Pak., Afghanistan (without Taliban) is one of our options. India might have invested in Afghanistan with more optimistic approach. Nothing wrong in that. We should not undermine country's foreign strategy due to our current shallow leadership. These kinds of relationships usually have outlook for next 20-30 years.
  15. China and Pakistan are looking forward to exploit mine the rare earth minerals and lithium in Afghanistan. The country is sitting on 1 trillion dollars worth of gold, rare earth minerals and lithium. Its only a matter of time until China steps with infrastructure and starts paying off Taliban.
  16. Afghanistan is basically a poster child for Islamic countries. All Islam countries (especially Arab nations) will showcase it as an example of Islamic power and try to prove a point that Westerners can never influence an Islamic state.
  17. They clearly said India gov. is trying to do what US did to them 40 years back.
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