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  1. Last two weeks dry climate valla many places crops dried up, This Rain is very much essential
  2. Raining again non stop from Afternoon in Krishna. This should help crops to some extent
  3. Vijayawada lo kummings Rain afternoon ninchi
  4. yeah forecast predits Rains from End of this Month
  5. What is the forecast like for those catchment areas..??
  6. July seems to be Lucky for Telangana this time. Good
  7. Krishna Dist lo non stop from evening.
  8. Last two days ninchi good rain fall in Krishna....Morning ninchi aithey Non stop kummings
  9. going to game tomorrow.... 108,000 packed fans expected...should be great!!!!
  10. Chelsea Football Club is delighted to announce the return of Didier Drogba. The striker has signed a one-year contract.
  11. England captain Steven Gerrard has announced his retirement from international football !!!
  12. Wall Street Says Manchester United Most Valuable Team In World After Adidas DealShares of Manchester United surged almost 5%yesterday after the soccer team TISI -1.24% announced its new, $130 million a year kit deal with Adidas , which will begin during the 2015-16 season and see the German sportswear maker replace its U.S. rival, Nike. Wall Street now affords United an enterprise value of $3.6 billion. Math: market value ($3.05 billion) + long term debt ($613 million) – cash ($57 million). In April, we valued Real Madrid as the world’s most valuable team, worth $3.3 billion, with United second at $3.17 billion. Wall Street may be right. Although United will not participate in the lucrative2014-15 Champions League due to its seventh place finish in the 2013-14 Premier League, the team now commands both the richest uniform ans shirt deals in the world (the Manchester City $63 million a year shirt deal with Etihad Arilines is excluded from the table because it also includes stadium naming rights). It may be tough for RM to catch Manchester United, at least in terms of how Wall Street perceives their valuations. Spain is looking to have La Liga teams negotiate their next television dealcollectively rather than having the individual teams sell their media rights. This will likely eliminate the huge television revenue advantage RM and Barcelona ($182 million each, with number two Atletico Madrid pulling in just $61 million) currently enjoy over their rivals. Also, RM’s shirt with Adidas runs through 2020 and its shirt sponsorship with Emirates Airline is through the 2017-18 season. Outside of soccer, the two most valuable teams are MLB’s New York Yankees ($2.5 billion) and the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys ($2.3 billion). But both of those valuations are likely too low given they were published prior to Steve Ballmer’s $2 billion offer for the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers. Top Shirt Sponsorships Team Sponsor Avg. Annual Value Manchester United GM (Chevrolet)1 $80 million Barcelona Qatar Airways $45 million Bayern Munich Deutsche Telekom $40 million Real Madrid Emirates $39 million Liverpool Standard Chartered $31 million Sunderland Invest in Africa $31 million 1: Begins with 2014-15 season Top Kit (uniform) Deals Team Sponsor Avg. Annual Value Manchster United Adidas $130 million Arsenal Puma $51 million Real Madrid Adidas $41 million Liverpool Warrior $39 million Barcelona Nike $38 million Bayern Munich Adidas $38 million
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