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  1. June lo Covaxin said it will release 3rd phase trail data and submit it for Peer Review. Not sure why they took this long when they are already publishing 78% efficacy from their Trails in their website and official statements. But they are little late on publishing these data to Public. Hopefully by end of June it should be done.
  2. Main Problem is 80%+ of ex Ministers etc have business in Andhra/TS which is main source of income to them/party. You have seen instances like Sangam dairy, Galla etc. I think they are patiently waiting, last 1 year they will come out aggressively. If you like it or not Andhra Election involves lot of money being a regional party source of income for party is also important.
  3. Last two weeks dry climate valla many places crops dried up, This Rain is very much essential
  4. Raining again non stop from Afternoon in Krishna. This should help crops to some extent
  5. Vijayawada lo kummings Rain afternoon ninchi
  6. yeah forecast predits Rains from End of this Month
  7. What is the forecast like for those catchment areas..??
  8. July seems to be Lucky for Telangana this time. Good
  9. Krishna Dist lo non stop from evening.
  10. Last two days ninchi good rain fall in Krishna....Morning ninchi aithey Non stop kummings
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