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MP siva prasad protest now in BBC WORLD

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innallu TDP mp's protest cheste evadu dekalla....okka hitler get up tho international ayyadu...


feeku gadni gabbu lepakapote vadu dekanu kuda dekadu,.....kesineni nani laga vadni gabbu pattichatame better..


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MP SivaPrasad Protests coverage by BBC 

https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-45140801?ocid=soci alflow_twitter 

India MP shocks with Hitler costume protest in parliament 

An Indian MP attended parliament dressed as Adolf Hitler to protest against what he called a "broken promise" by the prime minister. 

Mr Sivaprasad said he was protesting against the federal government's refusal to grant "special category" to Andhra Pradesh. The status would ensure more funds for development. 

The TDP was a member of Mr Modi's ruling federal alliance but it withdrew earlier this year over the issue. 

When asked why he chose to dress as Hitler, Mr Sivaprasad said: "I have a reason for everything I do. Hitler never sought anyone's counsel and he did not work for the welfare of people." 

He seemed to suggest that this was similar to what Mr Modi was doing, saying that while Mr Modi had won the election in 2014 amid "great expectations and hopes", his government was not living up to expectations. 


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4 hours ago, Naren_EGDT said:

All opposition n even few tdp guys used to make fun of him. See what happened now. Keep going mp garu.now dress as modi n protest

2014 lo sodarulu EEE thenkaru... Mp gaa wadte sni

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2 minutes ago, minion said:

haha ... I knew you'd come up with a link :) 


Viral Chowksi, a Gujarati NRI took the bid up to Rs1.11 crore by afternoon. The bidding will continue till Friday evening.


Like it means anything ...

A memorable suit worn just one time by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi — with pinstripes that spell out his name in tiny letters — has sold for 43.1 million rupees ($693,234) at a charity auction.

The winning bidder was Laljibhai Tulsibhai Patel, chairman of Dharmanandan Diamonds, which is headquartered in Mumbai. He bought the suit at an auction in the western Indian city of Surat on Friday, according to Rajender Kumar, a senior official in Surat, which organized the sale.

The two-piece suit was put up for auction on Wednesday along with 454 items given to Mr. Modi as gifts since he took office in May. This isn’t the first time Mr. Modi has auctioned off gifts he has received. As chief minister of the state of Gujarat for more than a decade, Mr. Modi held regular auctions of gifts, donating up to 950 million rupees to charities that work to educate girls, according to Mr. Torawane.

The proceeds from this auction will go to the “Namami Gange Fund,”  a project to clean the Ganges river. “Obviously this time the point of attraction is the suit,” Mr. Torawane said mere hours before bidding ended Friday.



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8 minutes ago, swarnandhra said:

evaraina koni daanni floor mopping cloth ga vaadithe super 


Its hilarious to see modi fans come up with excuses ... 

what head of state wears a suit with his name stitched on it ... may be idi amin ... its just too funny to see it on Indian Prime Minister ... what a maroon ... 


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