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  1. Mana amaravati express way em ayindi?? When going tirupati to bangalore till we cross border vamoo goram ga untundi drive in night time danini expand cheste it will connect bangalore chennai express way
  2. Krishna floods inka levu ga kchr gadu srisailam slow ga water level decreasing
  3. Krishna river flows vastaya again for srisailam and sagar ??
  4. Kaleswaram valla tg water is more enough for them make it as zero anandi.
  5. Good thing for ap project manam kadithe 100% stack only to us Idi benefit
  6. Good at least 1 pump complete cheyali before elections appudu use tdp ki
  7. 1.44 lakhs cusecs inflow good to see after years Finally srisailam filled hope sagar will gets filled
  8. If we stop it simple ga malli start cheste 2-3 days time waste avuthundi No issue even if it goes into sea akada koncham salt water taggutundi near sea areas lo
  9. Ento ee calculations water leka pothe this year Krishna delta Ela undedo adi vadi lesi edo businessman laga counting power charges <>profit ani chustunaru
  10. Ento meru Ekkada unte akada rains padavu lendi
  11. Anni bane unayi ga ni jobs updates veyandi starting another thread Adi baga useful then this one
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