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  1. Some of you maroons here think TDP is a caste party ... hilarious.
  2. ... ee numbers makem thelusthai ... Most respected reddy surname pedithe paye ... I suggest Karunakar Reddy International Airport of Tirupati ... sounds about right. Opened by Jagan Reddy ... maintained by somepiichipook Reddy ... Hey, we have the most respected Reddy all around ... that should do it.
  3. rajamahedram endahe ... daanni kadapa mandri airport ani pettandi ... next jfk annattu ... most respectable reddy surname thagilisthe paaye.
  4. endi saami idi ... athanni thittadaniki 4 month old thread ni vethiki vethiki maree pattukochava ... there are better things do, BT ... go for a nice bike ride in the evening, eat chat/panipuri or any good roadside food. It'll make you feel better.
  5. These houses are fantastic ... Lets vote TDP ... and grow together ...
  6. this is a phenomenal program ... I hope the girls remember this and vote with conscience ... when they become eligible to vote.
  7. broodi political thaddinam program kosam waiting
  8. Hello Brother,

    my bet is MK wins and forms government in TG. 

    I stake $50. Winner chooses charity ... My preference is https://www.akshayapatra.org/

    bet's on :)

    1. Kondepati



      Apple does 1 is to two matching

      So if u win I will get 150$ donated to the link which u have shared


      u can help a school which needs some help, I will send the school details 

  9. ran out of likes for today As usual, your posts are spectacular brother ... thank you.
  10. ee mosha and current bjp entha chillara mundakodukulo idi chusthe artham avthundi ... what the hell happened to bjp ... why anyone in bjp with an ounce of decency questioning mosha ... hate to say this ... bjp has become disgusting.
  11. correcte ... modi and his supporters uddaristharu mari ... endukulendi ... ee topic meeda ... nenu ban kavatam thappa no use ...
  12. so is it a version of medicaid? some pathetic copy of obamacare? modicare? konchemaina siggupadandi ... vellaku elagu ledanuko ...
  13. Life isn't just worth living at any cost ... take chances ... if you die in the process ... so be it ... you lived your life ... embrace ...
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