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Harivillu semi ind housing by NFDB members

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We (Kiran, NTR-CBN-NBK, NBK Simha, chandas) initiated a small venture at kanur, vijayawada. 


Floor ki 1 flat, semi independent house anattu...total 3 units.


location: Mythri Nagar, Kanur, vijayawada


USA members contact: NBK Simha


UK Members contact: NTR-CBN-NBK


More Info: https://harivilluinfo.wordpress.com/


Sp discount for NFDB members or any purchases via nfdb members


Construction stage. Floors done, brick work in progress..completion time: 5 months from now




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we offer at very less price compared to above figs  :P


6000 Rs per sq. feetaa ?? mari HYD kanna ekkuva kada prices. 90 lacs for 1500 sq. feet ? wow vij is so costly.

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