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  1. Too much idi matram....broodi shah XXXXXXX itta blackmail politics.....eepatiki jail lo undalsindi Jaffa gadu
  2. 1lak ante it will be a huge coliseum antha waste emo asala
  3. kathipudi - kkd road too narrow...gollaprolu chebrolu by-pass veyyalsinde..akkada widening cheyatam avvadu
  4. casino may improve the brand image of state but not really a profit thing....state govt run lottery start cheyatam manchidi...which 50% of the money can be used to run public schools
  5. Its a welcome thing to happen for FDI's irrespective of state, so they all seem to be waiting for this to be passed...may be kastha lobbying kuda unde undali
  6. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/04/world/asia/india-goods-and-services-tax.html?ref=world&_r=0 Surjit Bhalla, a macroeconomic adviser on India to the Observatory Group, a consultancy in New York, compared the new tax regime to the industrial deregulation of 1991 and said it should put to rest any doubts about Mr. Modi’s credentials as an economic modernizer. “It’s a mega-reform, and it comes under his leadership, which is why he and the B.J.P. were very keen to get it passed,” he said.
  7. Loss vasthe govt barinchatam endi...antha desperate ga avasaram ledemo...
  8. feasibility study aithe vakey...corridor em build avakunda antha roads ippude waste emo 1st phase vizag-kkd start chesthe will get an idea
  9. not sure abt this...hyd ante hatred pakkana pedithe there will be always more people travelling to hyd than bang at anypoint of time....and if its a non stop, people living in hyd only can use which are basically andhra
  10. ya manakunna security ki 400 is way too much and antha amount kuda not worth it already 1st AC price is more than flight....people takes train for convenience where they dont need to go and checkin 2 hrs before and airports are far away from home which adds atleast 1 hr... These train stations will be in city center and you can start an hour before max...which saves easily 2hr before and after so cant compare both price wise....but always can add stops in between instead of non stop
  11. vizag-amaravati-hyd vizag-amaravati-chennai non stop set cheyyali...which benefits mainly amaravati....but 400 speed avasarmla
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