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  1. deeni dates and kudirithe tickets emina unte vaati details share cheyyara evaraina
  2. Thanks to all our political parties and governments. Okadu rice isthaam ante okadu vandi pedathaam antaadu,.. . Young country in the world thokka thotakura ani meetings lo chepthaam, sankshemam ani cheppi somaripothulani chesthaam. em pani cheyyakunda oorkane time pass cheyyalane untadi evadikaina, kadupu kalutuntene kada pani chesukunedi, motham meeda monthly illu nadipedi govt panchi ichi, neeku vache naalugu chillara ralla ki thaagi paduko, malli aa taxes ye neeku panchuthaamu Yuva nestham, Youngsters ki kontha varaku ivvu thappu ledu, kani make sure all the beneficiaries are be
  3. To fellow friends who are interested in this option, you might get few cheaper options in the market but this team really vested a good amount of time and money. This being their first venture, they want to come up with a product that they can show case for future ventures. Trust me, not a single penny of yours is over spent on this investment. Knowing them personally, i would like to give my word of mouth.
  4. recent ga AIIMS topic lo gurtochaadu,.. edo chesestunnam ani hadavidi jarigindi address ledentabba ani,.. good he is back
  5. emaindo teliyadu,.. guntur lo maa apartment mundu okati untadi eppudu
  6. Ee vishayam lo thidathaaru atleast migatha vaatillo mind petti alochisthaaru., ila prathi daanilo edavaru
  7. Compaq vancle..dinekka perfect gif
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