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  1. V Jagadeesh


    Seriously, point to be considered.
  2. @Govindu but bribery if any should be given by Ap people and Ap people’s money , for the service to be done in Ap only. To the employees of Ap. How does the nature of the state mater now? Mar be you don’t want to reduce the corruption. If you hate CNB tats fine , but tats hurting andhra people .,,,,,. Inka corruption taggali anukovali, zero vuvdali anukovali. Antea gaani.,,,,
  3. V Jagadeesh

    cbn pic of the day

    @Govindu Mari cyclone lo nastapoina janalu badhadapadaka quarter vesukoni movie ki veltaraaa? Leka ntr cinema release aindi daniki Vella kunda cnb apadana mee vuddesam.
  4. V Jagadeesh

    Meetoo: Feeku case!

    @surendra.g antea- votes kavali kabatti ee gadditinna paravaledhu. Inka elobrate- we need the votes of supporters of Lakshmi Parvathi- Varanasi lo modi pindapradhanam- Friday court ki vellea vadiki Muslim votes- pendrive gadiki - peddapuram votes- Veellandati leader bogam melam bjp votes- hope u got it now. I don’t know if u don’t understand🤣🤣
  5. V Jagadeesh

    Latest: Rafael exposed

    @Kiran if tat is very cheap, wat is stopping to reveal the cost and deal details to court except the secure details
  6. V Jagadeesh

    Latest: Rafael exposed

    @Kiran new definition of Make in Indian?
  7. V Jagadeesh

    Latest: Rafael exposed

    @NatuGadu polavaram was more than 50 years old, revised as per the latest rates and new rehabilation acts. Is it the same with Rafael. All tge project cost is submitted for approval and is available in open domain, how abt Rafael? In the name of national security project is being developed with a private partner. Is int it risky? There might be 100 issues to criticize tdp, but wat modi and bjp did to AP , cannot be acceptable in any context. Just cheating
  8. V Jagadeesh

    Latest: Rafael exposed

    @ravikia we should not ask like tat. U r anti national . We will plan a surgical strike. And messile tech is charged for each craft. Tats the greatness abt Rafael.,,,,
  9. V Jagadeesh

    Latest: Rafael exposed

    Joke : buying Rafael is open secret to the world. Giving the details abt it is danger to nation security. I still beleve this Modi is an fox isi agent. If they are not at fault in the deal— this a great chance to show 56 inches chest
  10. Is every thing is votes? Special status or equivalent Benifits—— tat would create jobs - for Telugu people- improves standard of living—- prevents migration—isn’t it effecting almost all Ap people? Isn’t cheating?
  11. Reminder is not to u. Modi ki. Vadiki poyeadi emi ledhu. Poina anukuneavadu evadi ledhu. Ap generations are at loss. Minimum commitments are not met. Cunning fox.
  12. I don’t hav any frustation, just info. . Just reminding past.,,,
  13. Samuel reddy ilaneaa navvi , pavurala guttalo paste paste aiyyadu.,,, it’s a matter of time.,, nature will take its own action for balancing .,,, appuduuu —- u need to search google for gif,s
  14. Congress tho it’s a straight drive. Bjp and Jagan and pdpk di u r traditional conspiracy. Gunta nakka lagaaaa .