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  1. V Jagadeesh

    Railway zone not a promise, says Piyush Goyal

    Political parties politics Kakunda social welfare panulu chestayaaa.,,,,billu lo vunnavi evvakunda center Kosam Chester, wat else can be done?
  2. V Jagadeesh

    Railway zone not a promise, says Piyush Goyal

    During tat time if some one says we want this so we agree for division, we would have hate them. It’s a matter of time ante, now we are telling tat we would have asked this tat etc comedy gaa leadhu,....
  3. @swarnandhra that’s the crux there. It should be started as a mission by the govt of india, should be a long term plan like decade or 2. Then only we can achieve the target, it’s a big blunder by Nehru, if any one promises tat they can take off this,,,,, it’s fake or a long term promise.,,,
  4. To take article off 370, bill should be passed in j@k assembly with 2/3rd maj, which will never happen, for me bjp has nothing to blame, only solution I still remember from a lecturer frm Jkc college, Hindus should migrate to Jammu and Kashmir and become majority, over a period , win 2/3rd seats in assembly then abolish article 370,
  5. They have 2 ways . Ramjanma bhoomi. War with Pakistan. 1st one they don’t want to close it, adi kalutuneaaa vandali, left with only one war with pak, so faking a war for votes, These fellows again claim as nationalists.,,,,
  6. V Jagadeesh

    Cbn mamata kumaraswamy

    @Kiran like STRENAH
  7. V Jagadeesh

    Cbn mamata kumaraswamy

    @Kiran at any instance kreji is better than BOSA bastards,.,,,,,,he is not cunning, cheating, fakeing , not doing emotional blackmailing, he is more educated, intention to serve, honest , simple , I don’t hav proofs
  8. V Jagadeesh

    Watch what you say

    @Kiran black money : he should tell honestly. Demonitization: shell companies are used to exchange money, how many cases are filed and brought them to justice? Malya; not only bringing back , justice ,
  9. V Jagadeesh

    Nirav Modi - Narendra Modi

    @RKumar antea edi desam Kosam annamataaa. We are not this country anea vallu desabakthulu. In the country we eat as per our wish aneavallu desa drohulu, power kosam penta kadu avunu tinea rakalu eee Fox 🦊 🦊 gallu,....
  10. @NatuGadu mee comments chustea u hate tdp how can you claim mee vooru motham 100 pcnt tdp? Ysr tdp vooriki road vastea maha neta. Adea CNB Congress vooriki road veistea droham, crada emo Pakistan kadaaa, and it is only for his grand son.,,,,,
  11. V Jagadeesh

    Terrorist Attacks

    nda is success full at the his parameter. Should appreciate it, at the same time can some one post the gang rapes , rapes , and murders in the name of cow .,,,,,, it will balance the other one.
  12. V Jagadeesh

    Freeing tirumala by subbu swamy

    @Kiran how many courtesy wisits he made to Vajpayee gari home? Forgot abt visiting there are many videos floating disrespecting Advani garu. correcting mistakes: like giving seats to mining brothers do that they can clean the system . I do remember bsy garu , these bastard mining brothers . With the support of ysr made his govt unstable every day by blackmailing,,, finally Indian was cheated by these fake Hindu followers and Bengali sweets batch, he is neither xxxxx. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  13. V Jagadeesh

    Freeing tirumala by subbu swamy

    @Kiran What message did Modi sent when he met the party president of accused party before the d day? morally they closed the case and accused are celebrating. scam happened during : UPA tenor, all the prime accused are put behind the bars in the same govt ruling, this so called bastards came and diluted the case. Just read the judgement copy and statements from the judge who delivered,,,,, I waited in the office for years to see atleast one proof,.... I dont remember completely,..................... congress is soft on minorities for the vote bank,,,,, now atleast they look to be some wat sensible,.... these flowers are not worth of a penny,......they want people to be their slaves,...... typical feudal mentality,.....
  14. All the best future and present farmers of this,.. best initiative to save the mankind and planet earth
  15. V Jagadeesh

    Freeing tirumala by subbu swamy

    @Kiran subbu case lu vested Modi and potato will start political prostitution ? Like 2g