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  1. @krishna_Bidda There are bad and good in all forms or govt types. I read abt iron certain days. That’s history. But how abt war in iraq—- is it a capital country war or communist country war? Comming to development—- China is best example. How do you define development???? Is Gujarat a real development??? See the state of Kerala and bengal—- the problem is too much of capitalism or too much of communism—— both are dangerous. There should be a balance —- eg china. Venujula, Cuba, Russia—-hav long serving communist govts. They missed the balance.,,, so suffering now.,,,
  2. @krishna_Bidda communists old generation : simple example karlmax road in vijayawada. Lenodiki mudda kosam honest ga try chesaru. Colonielism is equally harm full to mankind as nationalism. I don’t know how they deserve the word bastards. Most of them never cheated. Killing / blackmailing people in the name of religion, doesn’t looks silly in 21st century? finally one word: Kulam ante kullu and matam antea mattu.
  3. Yeah make Telugu as one mandatory for all ages of education. naku antea chala estam. Till 10th I like the grammar in telugu. Alankaralu, chandassu, sandhulu, samasalu.,,,, baga grip still on them. But I m struggling now to convince my son atleast to learn basic Telugu. Still I read peddabalasiksha .,,,,
  4. @surendra.g perfect. In other words it’s just people like one among us.
  5. @surapaneni1 Kurchoni typings cheyyatam veru.. situations handle cheyyatam veru... bayatanundi chusetodiki anta bane kanipistundi.... inka migatadi mee istam..
  6. @surapaneni1 letters evvamantea evvatamanaa ? Minister cheppadani murder cheai antea chestaraaa? Don’t they hav back bone? Commonsence use cheayanaa? Papam govt employees assaul lanchalu teesukoru, just becoz of cm and ministers they are like tat else they are very genuine honest and hard working
  7. Wat will happen to the promoters after bankruptcy?