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  1. AP badly needed one strong party

    Well stated bro
  2. converted in TTD

    Antea vallu andaru Devaduthalu(Baffas), vellu devudi biddalu,,,, so almost matching. andukani we should not question them,.. else edukondalavadu will show the the place we deserve,.... EDUKONDALAVADI SAKSHIGA SPL STATUS PROMISE chesi taravata no anna vallaku --- what place they deserve. Nizam gaaaa venkanna swamy proweful aiteaaaaa dikku leni chavu chastadu,......... adi PM aina CM aina,... Deva dutha aina,.... party president aina,.....
  3. converted in TTD

    I m a Hindu. Respect my religion and wish it should florish till the end of earth.?but using word bitch is not at all acceptable. How it is difference frm faking resume by opt students and faking religion to continue in the job. paramatha sahanam enthina avasaram. They are just like our fellow human beings. Just a basic question why our neighbor is converting to Christianity. It it to spoil our religion or society, cast. Village, district. State or country. 90 percent is because of hungry. To come out of miserable life. We are not unite. We enjoy others sorrow . So one solution is Christianity. We suvartha kutamulaku vachea vallu 90 percent for 💰.
  4. Challenge to Arnab

    Pandulu vintea siggupadatai. These are anti social elements. Complete ga eliminate cheayali.
  5. Challenge to Arnab

    Baga frustration lo vunnattu vunnadu. Papam vadileayandi.
  6. If it is not occupied there is a huge risk for maintaining the commercial property. Maintaining an Un occupied apt will be much easier than maintaining an Un occupied commercial space. Just my thought.
  7. Haaa. I mean the same it’s not financially viable for small startups and for big ones it’s redcarpet. So it’s very difficult to find some one for renting our property if we buy in this High end IT towers
  8. Kapu reservation

    Evariki party kaaa govt kaaa
  9. This point I will agree with you. These red shirts are meant for nothing. And world bank is doing business and not charity. Unless center opposes nothing with stop to release the funds.
  10. I know some rules of these IT towers minimum space to be leased 4000 sft. Rent not sure definitely not less than 30 rs per sft. Inka infra tables. Stationary. Parking slots. Utilities. With out salaries 5 L per month. So normal startups cannot start here. With the current financial position of the state it’s difficult to get money frm govt. so I think it’s very risky to invest in this office spaces. No offense meant . It’s my personal analysis and personal opinion
  11. BJP Sweeps UP Civic polls

    Madyapradesh lo sitting bjp vodipotea ado one of case. Power lo vunna State lo city polls gelistea Mataram v v spl. Pity on Deva dutha and batch
  12. So it’s clear big companies will not look into it. Abt small companies can they afford to rent space, parking lots etc in these high profile towers?
  13. If space is created how many companies will come who can afford to pay high rent. So small companies can’t afford it. Then medium and big ones. They will come will long term plans like own buildings spaces like hcl is doing now. Every small company is asking for land in small quantities like 1 acre where govt is giving to them. So what of sw companies will come here to pay huge rent