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  1. V Jagadeesh

    Why CBN Extended His Tour in TG?

    @venkat232 with egoistic and peda Jaffa it’s not possible
  2. V Jagadeesh

    Cool gaa vundandi....It is over.

    Any details on uppal? Trs beti subhash reddy is my Frnd’s brother in law
  3. V Jagadeesh

    TV5 Murthy: Bigboss Kaushal comedy expose

    Janam in that kaliga vunnara? Pani pata lekundaa? Ee social media valla Indian trueput baga taggipotundi
  4. V Jagadeesh

    Governor dissolves J & K assembly

    The problem is these bastard national parties destroying the institutions. Congress did the same in Bihar long time ago, then bjp now in goa, tamilnadu, katnataka , j&k etc,: degrading .,,, the countries value.,,,,
  5. V Jagadeesh

    TRS 100+ confirm ...

    Opportunity evvadu evvadu, teesukovatamea, if they love tdp take it no one will stop.,,,
  6. V Jagadeesh

    Subbu thatha on Sonia Sacrifice

    Office of profit — backdating ,
  7. V Jagadeesh

    Subbu thatha on Sonia Sacrifice

    Yeah , he might be right. Similar truth should come abt Modis absconding years, why he left his wife, and his education etc
  8. V Jagadeesh

    Is Democracy In Danger?

    Best eg to prove tat this govt don’t have any foresight: demo . Demo is best with proper planning and effective execution, and with out 2k notes. But these hundutha brigade never estimated the future course. i still feel Modi is an isi agent . As his past is not known for many years, and to many, and his character is build on social media and emotional balatkhar rather than on reality. Upa is worst — but few good things happened— RTI ——- how beauty it is? You guys understand it’s equal for every citizen of India. 2g case —— the ministers were arrested—- see wat this Modi did?
  9. V Jagadeesh

    Is Democracy In Danger?

    Best thing happened is bankruptcy law. Where corporates fear to default. But this will be more effective if all the systems work effectively, where as it’s not the case, in the current context.
  10. V Jagadeesh

    Is Democracy In Danger?

    Just an RBI case— how foolish it is to make payments bank to bring out of RBI. At least they would have recruited all who are favour to BJP rather than destroying RBI name. Aren’t they no good economist in the bjp who modi can trust? Like pv, manmohan, yeshvanth,
  11. V Jagadeesh

    Modi's Behavior

    So oka sari drama and Inko sari real mentality out antea clear.
  12. V Jagadeesh

    Live updates: CBN crucial Delhi tour

    @Raaz@NBK felt like crying. Worst bjp. 5 things 1 spl status 2 railway zone 3 farmer loan waiver ki funds. 4 not pleasing Jaffa and pendrive 5 resolving bifurcation issues. Would have made tdp and bjp best possible combination and happy path for bjp into south. Still dont like congress and its leaders, but but
  13. @Kiran Avunu these are politics parties dont have sense, like GST was opposed by gujarat cm,.. petrol price was -manmohan's inefficiency and his credit in the beginning and now due to global resons same with the case of rupee.
  14. V Jagadeesh

    Latest TS news

    Inka Ktr, kavitamma and slipper gadu.,,,