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  1. good attempt... song gurinchi cheppalante, TDP theesina latest songs kanteee idhi 100 times better...deeni fanbase e veru..
  2. Sometimes I feel like his opposition is tv9 murali rather any party
  3. emi cheyakunna jaggad antee bore kotti mana vaipu choodochu, but oppportunity catch cheyalantee party ippati nundee background lo work cheyyaali.... ....clearly wat we are lacking anedhi visibility undhi... Silent gaa undi boleddu leaddership work cheyochu background lo....
  4. even RRR jump prior to 2019 election has been attributed to Ntr... twitter lo thega thipparu, ntr chepthee nee jump kottadu RRR ani, idhardhi photo undhi
  5. excatly...ee bokadaa gaadiki kooda 3 million views vachaayi... All he did is approached a neutral youtube channel and advertised his thing... thats how you connect to youth. election ayipoyaaka teesesadu anuko....he achieved his purpose, at the end jaanallu dont mind... they need a fresh story to be told. Digital marketing is the biggest platform, ofcourse we are lacking local leadership too Janaalu ki pourasham ledhu, janalki development avasarledhu...janaalu alocchinchukovaali anedhi rechagottadam varku okay good...but thats not a reality check... Inkaa akkadee aagipothee manaki PK fans ki difference undadhu(as they say its people loss that PK not elected). You have to tame/manipulate or win the hearts of people by one way or other.
  6. IPAC laantidhi vachinappudee manam catch cheyalsindhii....those kind of things going to stay forever ani...like in western countries.... CBN antee sarlee aayana gola lo aaya untaadu anukuntaa... lokesh should catch these trends...and aa prashanth kishore base logic kooda chaala simple.... you should travel with people and take inputs from them... and make them big... social media today to YCP is like wat eenadu to CBN back in 94. We missed a big revolutionary medium to advertise ourselves and reach people... We dont have proper spokespersons too.. First we have to equate wat ycp is ccurrently doing....like how jagan equated by establishing sakshi in 2008...prathi trend lo equate chesi we have to build tdp identity on top of that
  7. its just a pattern anukuntaa nenaithee...when humans get complacent of wat they have they seek for new things.... old patterns or old things doesnt repeat....mega family ki antee adhi andhani draaksha...
  8. Okay got it, but still they have their differences anukunta...b/w nhk/jr, nbk/cbn.... so vachi kottukuntaa em untaaru... lite teeskunnadu
  9. adhee try chesaadu ga 2009 lo...inkaaa they have their differences anukunta...b/w nhk/jr, nbk/cbn... mareee mohaalu chusko lekunda kantee wat tehy have is better... so lite teeskunnadu, and he maintained his decorum... Ayinaa ippudunaa problem overcome cheyatankii jr. avasaraledhu.... Base structure/screening of canddiate maarali...ninna JC pavan reddy cheppinattu... they have to cut ruthlessly whoever is not performing in evry constituency.... Intha kantee worst ga em jarugudhi (95% ycp gelvadam kante)... Okavelaa local leadership build kaakundaa, forget jr ntr...pedha NTR ee vachinaa em maaradhu
  10. allu arjun 2019 when? I dont recall... Varun tej antee nagbob potee chesaadu gaa... Inkaa ntr maava support chesaaru antunnaru, he is also CBN relative... athani interview choosaa election mundhu... asla peekala dhaaka unnatu undhi athaniki CBN meedha, 1999 lo hand ichadani
  11. woww... odipoyina ventaneee ntr kaavalsi vachadaa... idhee thread CBN 2014-19 lo ruling lo unnappudu NHK ko, ntr ko edho cheyyali ani esundaalsindhii.... CBN owns the party, CBN reaps benefits... CBN reaps losses... thats itt...
  12. so true.... first nundi CBN anthee anukunta lee... this is his blindspot... a revamp in local leadership is needed... he should treat party like a enterprise and build prototypes, set goals and deliver them on quarterly basis...