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  1. And also..... why this whole thing is not transparent ani..EC answer ivvatanikee jankuthunnaru gaa
  2. And also Rahul gandhi meedha negative articles ni share chesthaadu.... SP_BSP alliance meedha edusthaadu...entoo aaadi gola....
  3. Bro, aa maata manam 80% ani choosaka anagaligaam...70% ki aagipothee em chesevaallam? adhee ippudu cheyyali....when there is a bug in system/organization we should try to fix it ga, anthee kaani aa pani chesindhi lee elaa oorukuntaam? Asla who knows, polling 82-83% velledhemoo?
  4. bjp factor maathram agree, manam feel ayinantha evaroo feel avvatledhu ground lo. May be captial region lo undhemo konchem anthe.... even youth kooda, CBN ilaa 4 years undi bayatki raavatam edho master plan la chusthunnaru(even ppl upto aged 35). Meeru cheppina migatha minus points unnayi kaani, but not dinchesee antha anti or for towards jagan I think
  5. JS ki evaroo eyaru broo....asla dabbulu panchi pettatledhu gaa vallu....edho PK fans, konni caste votes thappinchi at the end of day why they vote for any party is they should see that their works are carried out with help of MLA or govt. PK ki chance ledhu gaa. Chiru 2009 lo atleast CM candidate ga focus ayyadu
  6. National surveys lo south states gurinchi they miss two factors....... money & sentiment..... andhuke bjp, cong ki antha ichuntaadu.. Money panchatam lo tdp-ycp ki diff ledhu kaabatti we should be good. I would think sentiment factor strongly favoring us, so cheppinadaani meedha peruguthaayi anukuntunna...
  7. Gelichina odinaa aa confident speeches & tempo maintain chesthee chaalu