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  1. yesterday RRR explained very clearly on liquor ... 100 rupess ki dorikee bottle 200-250 ki ammuthunnaaru already, adhee bokka lo brands. And there are no belt shops, so that cheap brand liquor is available only at malls... travelling cost is 30 rupees...So for a daily labour who used to get liquor for 100 rupees in TDP govt in next street belt shop, now he is paying almost 300 rupees. 25% kaadhu, 50% bumper sale pettinaa they are at loss
  2. https://youtu.be/cIDbZC_TdZE?t=1512 Kekaa dobbadu GA ni...exactly at 25:10
  3. Too good undhii design. Only thing is conquer ki alternative vere word vaadithee baaguntadhemoo
  4. odexxxxxa vaccine distribution ni ilaa priorotize chesaaraa
  5. same, pattabhi also good communicator from tdp
  6. he takes like a daily status call anukuntaa...oka 30mins maatladathaadu, short & effective
  7. Rojoo chivariloo Manchi maata highlight 🤣
  8. exactly...and more aggressively, more viral...avathala YCP saamrajyamee create chesindhi.... TDP Top leadership ki undaali, basic ga P.S: Not to undermine Amaravathi moment, edho oka paata choosaa "save-amaravathi" dhi asla adhi 1990s lo song tune laaga undhi... I believe it reaches no one except effected people and 40+ year olds. Basically TDP need to update, all its skills inch by inch. Hope that happens!
  9. Jaggad daggara solid proof undhemo anukunna initially... Unte eepaatiki release chesevaadu, so just gamble esaadu