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  1. Sivaji about Modi - Updated

    Aa Pk gaadni without sugar sivaji xxxxx naakamanaali
  2. PK Dheeksha

    May be Pk ni thopu ani oohinchukuni baffas sketch esaremoo loll
  3. Sujana

    Agree and more than that, be it sujana speech or CBN speeches it looks like they are in defense mode mainly because ycp patching up chesthundhemoo ani which means they don’t to lose ties with bjp at all. Janaaloo unnantha emotion CBN ki kaani sujana ki ledhu anukuntunna....
  4. Special status for Bihar : Lallu

    I agree not on count though, but peddha dhebee padudhii....
  5. Special status for Bihar : Lallu

    Idhedoo bjp plan laa undheee.....
  6. National media about TDP split with NDA

    aattttt gooesbumpss
  7. JP

    overall scenario choosthee bjp hand ichindhi, tdp tried its best ani janaalloki vellindhi baaga.... aa 1-2 mistakes picha lite bro! CBN planning ki maathram hatsoff
  8. kathi on Pk correct ga cheppadu

    Mp siva prasad oka 2-3 years nundi inthee chesthunnaadu....when asked for reason he said every one has his own way of expression and that is his, as he came up from a stage artist & film abckground.... which makes sense
  9. JP

    Ee commitee report anthaa kalipi PK teeskuvelli CBN chethikisthaadu le... picha lite ee commitees
  10. Jai Lava Kusa Dubsmash By me

    Superb bro