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  1. porus kaadhu bro. they are in akkireddygudem, eluru lo
  2. I did my masters in the same building where 32 people were killed in Virginia Tech.
  3. problem is not extra magazines. Non-assault rifles lo kooda extra magazines theesukosthe intha severe ayyedhi kaadhu A gunman brought an assault rifle with extra magazines. If not an assault rifle, by the time he shots 5 people, 6th or 7th person can tackle him. In fact, few University Training events lo kooda they discuss the topic of tackling the gunman if possible. When it's an assault rifle, minute ki 45 bullets vasthayi bayataki. It's humanely impossible to tackle someone unless they are reloading.
  4. Guns are okay... but the request from people is the following: 1) Make Universal background investigation/checks mandatory for anyone buying guns 2) Why is it that an 18 year old can buy assault rifles but not drink alcohol? 3) Exclude assault rifles from the 2nd amendment.
  5. Super clarity and ilanti educated leaders chaala important. One suggestion - health ki importance ivvali. Sleep deprived ga anipisthunnaru, please take care.
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