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  1. bezawadaking

    OU talk

    Sanna sanna pillakayalu chaala Madi undabadala aada "Chinna pillalu". - navva leka chacha
  2. bezawadaking

    kutumba rao

    Most important thing is that he didn't get agitated with economic illiterate journalist questions. This guy is asset to any government. I would love to work with him any day.
  3. bezawadaking

    NTR Anna canteens

    Oka month expenses choosi aa mata chepte baaguntadhi. Basic food ivvataaniki 100 chaala ekkuva and moreover with bulk everything will average out easily. I'm not saying 5rs per meal is possible, but this negativity within a week is unwarranted. Our monthly food expenses in BANGALORE is about 4-5k depending on the variety we eat( excluding restaurant) for two. Economies of scale will bring it down very much low.