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  1. Might be the case.
  2. Somehow it's not convincing to me. Viveka doesn't looks like the person to campaign for Avinash if he doesn't like him. I feel so after watching his Open heart interview with RK. Even if that's the case what reason would Avinash have to kill if the seat is confirmed and Viveka compromised to campaign for Avinash. Sympathy looks more valid than addam to Avinash. But heart attack drama is somewhat misleading. I guess there should be some other reason which will damage the popularity of Jagan and hence they are covering it up.
  3. Addam kuda doesn't seem like a reason because Avinash already contested and won in 2014 itself. Even Viveka also campaigned for Avinash the day before his murde. Looks like there is some other motive if sympathy is not the reason which even CBI couldn't figure out yet or covering it up due to Jagan's frequent Delhi visits.
  4. I also have few questions if they wanted to look it like natural death why did they make him write the letter. Few might argue it's plan B. if it's plan B then it should be backup but here Plan B itself spoiling the plan A. Also its clearly shown PK advised them to gain Sympathy. Sympathy will be more if they put the blame on TDP instead of covering it as heart attack. In the entire film covering it up as heart attack didn't make any sense to me. Rest all is excellent. The director seems very capable in handling Biopics. Hope he will have bright future.
  5. Neel movie eppudu start avthado. Eagerly waiting
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