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Nandini milk rate hiked ani pichi flowers twitter lo vestunnaru

Arey babu entire south India lo Karnataka has lowest milk procurement rates, all south states depend on Karnataka farmers and Nandini for their milk, they buy here brand it in their name including Vijaya/Visakha/Sangam dairy.

They increased procurement price for farmers which inturn hiked the retail milk prices also. 

It's a better move and beneficiary for dairy farmers. 

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On 9/8/2023 at 8:14 AM, NBK NTR said:

Congress ruling lo em chesina sammaga untadi...adhe BJP ilanti rules pedithe edchi sastaru hatred tho sick fellows :D



Lekapothe konni banks lo north batch too much overaction chestharu le.. deposit slips either English or HINDI lo enduku.. local language lo ivvali kadaa

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35 minutes ago, vasu4tarak said:

Teacher is also Hindu.. over n above suspended immediately.. fair enough gaa annay

Btw.. MP election lo kooda Congress rampage guarantee KA lo 🤦

4 times govt. so some anti incumbency will be there lets see, mari KA la undadhu anukuntunna as freebies are getting matched by Shivraj

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'Bus stop stolen': Bus stand worth Rs 10 lakh goes missing in Bengaluru

The police filed a case of theft after a bus stand worth Rs 10 lakh was stolen a week after it was installed on Cunningham Road in Bengaluru.

A bus shelter, along with its steel structure, worth Rs 10 lakh was stolen a week after it was installed in Bengaluru.

The bus shelter was situated on Cunningham Road and was managed by the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC).

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58 minutes ago, Rajakeeyam said:



Asalu main Telangana TRS leaders meeda IT raids levu except 1-2 TDP/congress party jumped MLAs.

Free hand to TRS in 2018, 2021-22 bi elections & now in 2023 to distribute looted money.

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