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మీరు ఉండాలి సామీ...

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Veella picha puvvu.... analysis

1 ltr petrol tho... vehicle ki lifetime mileage vasthunda?  Jeevithaalu gadichipithaaya?

Denini, denitho compare cheyyalo kooda theleeni swachhamaina Desi pushpaalu

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1 hour ago, Naren_EGDT said:

Orey red flower ..

People have other affordable options for each thing you mentioned.

Personal motor bike ki vere affordable fuel ledu . 

oyyyy..... nuvvu aaapu saaami....... bull pee posthe petrol laa nadustundi ani links pattukostaaaru...... :wall:

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2 hours ago, ravindras said:

3 to 4 months non stop gaa trucks strike chesthe thappa government decision change cheyyadhu

dunnapothu meda varsham padinatle, govts have become so insensitive, farmers protest on centre, Amaravati and steel plant in AP,RTC in TG 

vere alternate problems or topics techi veetini pattunchukokunda vadilestunnaru

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19 minutes ago, pavan s said:

i dont have any issue petrol being 200 rs as everything else also increased... can you please make internet also 100rs per GB data??? sagam ee social media daridram potundi... 


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