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kulaniki puttam anukoni vote veste ilaage untadi akka

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10 minutes ago, Sunny@CBN said:

Rayalaseema lo edo peekestadu anukuni votes vesaru. Veedu peekindi em ledu. Kosta lo capital ni uttarandhra ki marchadu anthey.

Capital Marchada?  Eppudu?.... Mari entha sepu media vallu koda Tadepalli, Velagapudi antarenti?....

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Posted (edited)
7 hours ago, gnk@vja said:

Still she is not repenting and she is happy with current govt ruling . 

If you observe She is not complaining or demanding anything from govt  

yevadaina jagananna ni adukkovalasinde... be it vizag gas leak victims, amaravathi victims, govt employees, volunteeers, paramedical staff, ration dealers, kula group leaders like pk & mudragada.. who ever it is.. they can only beg and suck jagan's d**k.. 

repent cheste g** pagilipoddi... 

thats why i like jagan... he is the right CM for the people of AP.. yekkada undalsina vallani akkada unchutadu..

Edited by pavan s
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