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Tirupati Ycheap candidate Christian?

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It is not at all a issue. By late 1980s itself almost all scs are converted to christianity. Some of them are fourth or fifth generation christians.

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Posted (edited)

Ap lo ..no one can benefit via religion except Jaffa..enni cheppina..emi chesina..matham card waste ...ap current trend as 

1.Naku entha freebies..

2.Particular caste ..meeda hatrisam..even that caste guy rich or poor or anything.

3.CBN and TDP meeda hatrisam..janallo baga thesukellaru.. where as TDP people doesn't have such hatredness...


So something newly have to do..to counter all those ..keep aside about.. development..etc.. surving is matters now.


Yes modi is worest in terms of helping AP and people are not bothering even if Jaffa has secret or open alliance with modi and co.Same people will  bother about cbn and modi patch .The second point needs be understood by our DB bjp pundits..I can't see any good days for ap as well as TDP.


Edited by Venkatpaladugu

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