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BJP Pressurized Me -Nitish Kumar


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7 minutes ago, nbk@myHeart said:

Inthakee em annaadu?


7 minutes ago, Chandasasanudu said:


RJD -MLA Mundrika singh yadav chanipothe By-elections vachaye.

Sampradayam prakaram Nitish JDU batch, ee seat vadhiledham valake, no contest anukunaru, Kani BJP pressure chesindhi to contest and JDU lost that seat


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1 minute ago, nbk@myHeart said:

NDA lo cheramani em pressures pettindo koodaa cheppi chaavaraa sannaasi

indulo pressure sangathemo gaanee, Lalu ekkada kursee laagestaado ani thondhara paddaadu, ippudu votlu raalettu levani U turning.. made a big mistake, let us see how much he can rectify :)

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